The best way to learn poker is by playing it!

And to make that easier, we have a 1 paisa “beginners” table where you can play for about an hour for a maximum spend of Rs 2 or so. (And remember, we give Rs 100 free to every player up front, so you can spend many happy hours learning poker at your own pace!).

We also have “freeroll” tournaments where you can enter for zero fee, and the winner takes some real money as prize. You can also get money in your account by completing your KYC or by filling in a simple survey (coming soon).

Learn how to play poker or brush up your skills in Texas Holdem Poker in the video given below:

Once you’ve learnt the basics and started StackingUp your skills, you can play at our cash tables that are live 24x7 and have a wide range of buy-in amounts, or try your hand at any of the tournaments we organize throughout the day and evening. Don’t forget to use some our delightful offers at the time of making a deposit on the platform.

You can get started straightaway with our instaplay, no-download option or you can go for a richer experience by downloading our desktop app, android app or iOS app!


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