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Now, Run It Twice , on 9stacks!

The Run-It-Twice Tables are here on 9stacks!

Running it twice is like doubling the number of times the situation occurs. The higher the number of trials, the more the likelihood of your actual win rate being close to your expected win rate.

To ace a skill based game like poker, Run It Twice is a great way to reduce variance and determine your skill. As they say, skill in poker is realized in the long run and by RIT we are bringing you closer to the “long run”.

Look for RIT tagged tables in our Lobby and take a seat. Click Here

How it works


-Whenever one or more players go all-in in a hand on a table tagged “RIT”

-No more betting action is possible

-There are more cards to be dealt


-All the cards dealt so far will be a part of the outcome.

-The rest of the hand (remaining community cards) will be dealt

-The above step will be repeated one more time

-Chips in the pot will be distributed based on each run

Why do we have automatic RIT on these tables?

We found that running the RIT functionality on non- RIT labeled tables and based on the mutual agreement of players (By selecting a checkbox) is very confusing to amateurs and pros alike.

So, we decided to launch RIT tagged tables where you know what you are signing up for.

Why don’t we divide the total pot into two sub-pots? Do we charge rake multiple times?

RIT as a function distributes chips based on each run and the pot is divided accordingly.

We charge rake as a whole for the pot with the same rake cap conditions. We do not charge rake multiple times.

Bottomline : RIT gives players like you a significant edge because now you can chase promotions without those dreaded bankroll swings!

Log in and discover RIT to have even more fun playing on 9stacks!


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Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.