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9stacks takes poker to Daulat Ram College, Delhi University!

9stacks was at Daulat Ram College today in Delhi University and we got a chance to introduce the students to the game of poker in a fun event.

Since Daulat Ram College is an all women’s college, we organized an all women poker tournament after the interactive introductory session.

The session started with a game of spin the wheel and darts and then a comprehensive tour through the rules of poker.

A LIVE game of Texas Hold’em poker was held and there was a lot of fun scrambling to adhere to the rules by the women who were playing the game for the first time.

Priya Raj emerged as the winner of the tournament and won a cool 9stacks T shirt, 9stacks card decks and a certificate of merit.

We caught up with Priya after the tournament for the winner’s byte. Click here to watch what she had to say on the win.



Riya Singh

Silhouette to Haute Couture, this luxury fashion student found her ensemble in a game of poker. Now she is on a mission to explore and cover offline events of the luxurious poker market.