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9stacks takes poker to Anya, Gurgaon with What’s Up Life!

On a cool, summery 5th of May evening, 9stacks, along with popular lifestyle media channel Whats Up Life took over The Anya Hotel, Gurgaon for a fun, pokerful event and boy, was it glitzy!

The evening began with beer pong where the participants won cool 9stacks merchandize.

As the evening progressed, card tricks and LIVE games paved the way for the central theme of the night- Poker.

Since we were giving away real money to the winners of the online poker tournaments with prize-pools as high as Rs 10,000, the event saw a lot of people thronging the tables, playing online poker. The 9stacks team helped the newbies understand the rules of the game and strategies to do well in the game.

There were LIVE tournaments as well and the event saw the newbies fight tooth and nail for the grand prize. All participants were rewarded with cool 9stacks Tshirts and other merchandize.

9stacks has been causing quite a stir in various cafes and co working spaces across India, introducing poker to new people everywhere.

Keep watching this space to follow our journey to make poker the go-to mindsport in India.


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Riya Singh

Silhouette to Haute Couture, this luxury fashion student found her ensemble in a game of poker. Now she is on a mission to explore and cover offline events of the luxurious poker market.