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Awesome BOSM With 9stacks

With fest season around the corner, 9stacks got an opportunity to be the official poker sponsor at BITS Open Sports Meet (BOSM), an annual sports festival of BITS, Pilani. The event on 15th & 16th September was fun with a focus to reinforce Poker as a skill-based mind sport among the students and make them comfortable with the concept of online poker. To our surprise, we came across students who have been playing poker for 5 to 6 years. 

In all, there were 5 tournaments held for the students with a total prize pool of Rs 7500. The first tournament was a warm-up session with a prize pool of Rs. 1000 for the students to get accustomed to our platform followed by another tournament with a prize pool of Rs 1500. On the second day, we organized 3 tournaments with a prize pool of Rs 1500 for pre-finals and Rs 2000 for the final tournament.

Staying true to our motto: Where India plays poker, we made sure that the students get to experience poker at India’s fastest growing online poker platform. Additionally, we also organized two late-night tournaments on popular demand by the students so that they can play from their hostels after a long tiring day. The tournaments went on for 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively on both the days. We were so thrilled to see the students engrossed in playing poker. On the last day, we also came across a few excited and eager to learn rookie players who wanted to know We provided them with hand rankings card and explained them the concept of poker.

With the event coming to an end, we had our winners from all the tournaments. The winners of the warm-up tournament, Arpit Jain and final tournament, Niket Agarwal were awarded 9Stacks merchandise ( t-shirts, card decks, and mobile grippers).



Riya Singh

Silhouette to Haute Couture, this luxury fashion student found her ensemble in a game of poker. Now she is on a mission to explore and cover offline events of the luxurious poker market.