Gone are the days when Diwali used to be all about bursting crackers starting from a week before the D-day. keeping in mind, the hazardous effect of crackers 9stacks launched #yehdiwalipokerwali. 9stacks replaced bursting cracker with playing poker this Diwali season. We hosted different poker events in various cities for co-workings, corporates, and private house parties. With #yehdiwalipokerwali we contributed to the environment and at the same time established poker as a skill-based game.


9stacks hosted exclusive Poker events at Skootr, & Co-working, Workflo by OYO, Moms Co, Amigo Office,, India Accelerator, Housr, Pharmeasy, Matrix, Sports Cafe and many more across Delhi, Banglore, and Mumbai. Since we were giving away real money to the winners of the online poker tournament with prize pool as high as 5000, we saw a lot of participation in the events. From playing online poker on the 9stacks app to playing poker with chipsets, the crowd got an ultimate poker experience.

9stacks organized different poker tournaments in co-working and corporates. Many players got to experience live poker which was played with 9stacks poker chip sets, cards, and dealers. On the other hand, specially structured tournaments were hosted across many co-workings with winners winning cool merchandise. This Diwali, 9stacks introduced the game of poker to a whole lot of rookie players. Not only this, but the 9stacks team also provided a quick poker workshop and made sure that every person who played on the platform knows the basics of the game. Apart from poker tournaments, 9stacks also conducted various fun activities like Spin the Wheel and Poker Dart with promised rewards for the players. 9stacks gifted card decks to all the players who participated in the poker events along with yummy tummy filling pizzas.



Pardeep Jain

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