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Scoot X Coho X 9stacks live event

Is it even Diwali if you don’t throw a grand Diwali party for your friends and family? And let’s not forget that these days Diwali is not only a festival of lights, getting but also cards, more specifically poker. In this generation, Diwali and Poker go hand in hand.


 This Diwali season Coho in collaboration with Scoot and 9stacks organized a lit Diwali house party for their residents who were celebrating Diwali away from home. Coho provides comfortable home stay with a community of like-minded people. This amazing Diwali party was attended by 40-50 people staying at Coho Sushant Lok. The night was filled with Indian vibes from ethnic dresses to desi Indian games and of course not to forget our favorite Diwali ritual: Poker! We also came across this brilliant and creative graffiti artist Ivandfrei who designed a beautiful wall graffiti for Coho residents.


The night was young and people were at the top of their energy playing various games like truth and dare and our desi antakshri. But the stars of the night were the poker players. 9stacks organized offline poker tournament with actual poker chips for CohoxScoot House party. There were a total of 18 poker players playing on 2 poker tables. The entry fee of the tournament was INR 100 with a prize pool of INR 2800, the blinds started from 100/200 and went as high as 2000/4000 during the game. The tournament went on for good 4 hours. We saw the players deeply engrossed in the game even when most of them were new to the game. We also witnessed some insane beginner’s luck for some players. It was really astonishing to see new players going all gaga about the game and exploring new tricks and tips.

The winner of the tournament won the tournament by hitting the legendary Royal Flush. Crazy enough for one night, right? The top three winners took not only the prize pool amount but also cool 9stacks merchandise. With Diwali being around the corner, 9stacks gifted all the participants’ card decks.



Riya Singh

Silhouette to Haute Couture, this luxury fashion student found her ensemble in a game of poker. Now she is on a mission to explore and cover offline events of the luxurious poker market.