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Smaaash it with 9stacks!

On 17th July, we collaborated with acclaimed gaming and entertainment center, Smaaash, to conduct one of the biggest offline events ever organized by an online poker platform. With over a hundred people registering for the event, it constituted of four tournaments played online on the 9stacks portal. The overall objective of the event was two-fold. Firstly, we aimed at expanding our user base by introducing first-timers and amateur players to online poker via 9stacks. Secondly, we wanted to promote poker as a fun game of skill, and that online poker can be a source of real-money income, if played cautiously and intelligently. 

As the tournaments began, the arena started to liven up. Engrossed players concentrating on winning the tournament, along with pizza and beer, ytjust went to show how popular online poker has become in India. The first two tournaments were warm-up contests, to get the registered players accustomed to the user interface and comfortable with the gameplay. The GTD prize pool for the first two warm-up tournaments were 1000 rupees each. The pre-final tournament was a bit longer than the previous two, in order to get players used to the tournament style of poker play. The GTD prize pool for this tournament was 5000 rupees! 

The final tournament, which lasted for an hour, had a GTD of 15,000 rupees! Most players forgot about their beer and pizza as they battled for the top prize. 

After the final tournament, the top three winners of all the tournaments were interviewed about their experience playing on 9stacks. While most of them were regular poker players, it was their first experience playing online poker. All of them were in high praise about the user-friendly interface of 9stacks. They even felt that organizing such offline tournaments would go a long way in promoting poker amongst the masses, especially the women. Surbhi, a poker enthusiast herself, explained how she first started playing poker when she was pregnant with her first child and how she’s played and loved the game for ten years. She insisted that poker is a skill based game, as she ended her interview with, “ Teen Patti is obsolete! Just come and play poker yeah?”

Watch the full video here.

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We have planned to organize more offline poker events in collaboration with Smaaash, in Noida and Gurgaon. Stay alert because you don’t want to miss these! 



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