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Weekend poker dhamaal with Workly

What are your weekend plans? The same regular drinks after work? Or just chilling back at home? Are you bored with the same old plans? If yes, worry not 9stacks has your back. This weekend, 9stacks hosted poker events at Workly Co-working at Workly Lajpat Nagar, Okhla and Nehru Place on 19th September, 26th September and 27th September respectively. The events were fun-filled with poker tournaments, games, food, prizes, and exhilaration of the participations.,

During the event, all the members from various workly spaces participated (to learn the new game and get free pizzas). We held 2 poker tournaments at every center with a prize pool of Rs1000 for the first tournament and Rs 5000 for the final tournament. The winners of the tournaments were awarded 9stacks merchandise. 

We saw that the players were quite excited and keen to learn about the new mind sport. The 9stacks team started by giving a brief introduction about the game and how to play when it comes to an online platform. Additionally, hand ranking cards were also provided to the new players to assist them in playing poker. Even though many players were new to the sport none of them backed out when it came to learning the basics of poker.,

We also organized various card games and spin the wheel challenge specially designed for our players for them the 9stacks merchandise such as card decks, t-shirts and many more. So, even if you don’t win the tournaments, we have other opportunities waiting for you. 



Riya Singh

Silhouette to Haute Couture, this luxury fashion student found her ensemble in a game of poker. Now she is on a mission to explore and cover offline events of the luxurious poker market.