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Satty Star Of the Month: Aneesh Durrrrlagtahai Sharma

Aneesh Sharma is our Satty Star of the month. In an exclusive interview with Team 9stacks, Aneesh tells us all about how he's used sattys to win tickets to bigger tournaments and essentially make his way to the top, winning more prizes

Team 9stacks : Congratulations, Aneesh! You won the Sunday Stacks tournament and came third. How do you feel when you win a ticket from the satty to a big tournament  and ship that tournament?

Durrrrlagtahai: Thanks. The week before I finished third was the first time I'd played the Sunday Stacks tourney, and even though I finished in the money, I wasn't very happy with how it had gone - so when I was lucky enough to win a satty for the next one, I was hoping to make amends. Luckily, I ran very clean and had limited tough spots and no major beats - until I lost 80% of my stack on a preflop KK vs AJ shove with 8 or 9 left.  Thankfully I recovered from that, and it was a surreal feeling to finish this deep in a big tourney, especially considering my inexperience with tourneys in the first place. Obviously I would have liked winning it, but there's a lot of work I need to do on my game before that can even become a possibility.

Team 9stacks : You started your journey on 9stacks by playing satty tournaments to win entry ticket to the bigger tournaments. How many do you play?

Durrrrlagtahai: There's not a fixed number that I target, but I've been playing the daily sattys almost everyday for the last 20 days. I had a month or so of free time to give to poker after my MBA ended and before my job started - so playing sattys was a low risk and a high payoff strategy for someone with a lot of time and not much of a bankroll!

Team 9stacks : How did you start playing on 9stacks. do you play on other sites?

Durrrrlagtahai: I used to be a pretty regular cash game player on a couple of other websites, however, I stayed away from tournaments, given the time commitment and expertise required to perform well in them. I was introduced to 9stacks by a friend from college who was really impressed by the range of tournaments, as well as the UI and the ability to cash out in a few hours. I only started playing tourney's on 9stacks about 20 days back, and have been really really lucky with the results I've managed to get!

Team 9stacks : And what  do you do with your winnings?

Durrrrlagtahai: While I've been very fortunate to cash about ~3L in less than a month that I've been playing tourney's on 9stacks - it's all part of my bankroll now, which I shall probably use to avoid playing sattys! I'll think of ways to put my winnings to other uses once my bankroll is big enough.

Team 9stacks : Haha! Ohkay then.What's next for durrrrlagtahai?

Durrrrlagtahai:I'm going to continue playing the bigger tourney's (might skip the satty's now haha) and continue working on my game - the transition from cash to tourney's is a lot tougher than I imagined! Hopefully I continue to do well, and can ship a big one soon!

Team 9stacks : And we certainly hope you do! It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, Aneesh. Before we let you go and score more, tell us a little about what you like about playing on 9stacks?

Durrrrlagtahai: Given how I started - with a lot of time and not a big enough bankroll to consistently fund the bigger tourney's, I absolutely love the volume of satty's that 9stacks has for it's bigger tourneys. Another thing is the UI - I tried playing on the website I used to play cash on after a month of 9stacks and I just couldn't. A great thing is that most of the bigger tourney's are also frequented by a lot of the bigger names on the Indian circuit, so it's a great (and relatively inexpensive) way to learn for a tourney newbie like me.

Team 9stacks : We wish you all the best and thankyou for taking out time to speak with us!



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