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Why is Big Bang the most rewarding micro stakes online poker challenge in India?

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Playing online poker on stakes like 1 / 2 and 2/4 has always been viewed as an activity that new poker players, the ones just adapting to the game, should play because there is less ‘risk’ and there is ‘less investment’.

This view is held because ofcourse, no one likes to burn deep holes in their pockets just as they are learning the game and adapting to the new world. Playing on micro stakes is quite cost effective for the new online poker player.

But did you know playing these very stakes can be extremely rewarding, for everyone, even the more seasoned players in the game?

What’s the Deal

9stacks launched the Big Bang challenge last year and since then, it’s been one of the best promotions in India to play on and win cash prizes everyday!

This week, if you’re playing on 2/4 stakes, you have a chance at winning Rs 450, EVERYDAY, on completing the daily challenges set. So, if you hit any of the challenges mentioned here and win the hand, you earn cash prizes upto Rs 450 on a daily basis.

The cherry on the top?

If you play 99 hands or more on the Big Bang tables, you take home a free entry ticket worth Rs 99 to the Multiplier Tournament (15,000 guaranteed prize-pool) that happens at 9 PM, every night on 9stacks.

Why it’s such a good idea to play Big Bang

If you compare this with any of the other promotions currently floated around in India for these stakes, you’ll note that not only are the challenges extremely simple to achieve, the rewards for completing each challenge are, in themselves, the best in the industry!

New poker players have the advantage of learning the game, honing their skills on these tables AND getting rewarded at every step on completion of a set challenge. every day. In addition to this, the exposure they get to different styles of on table strategies employed by other players- new and seasoned is very important for their development as good players in the game. The more games one plays, the more type of people one interacts with on the poker table, the better one gets at the game.

For the seasoned poker junta, playing on these stakes can be quite relaxing, especially when the high voltage drama on the higher tables is too much to handle. Additionally, the money they make here will ultimately add to the bankroll. Completing the simple challenges and getting rewarded handsomely for them will also help them build back the confidence. In poker, one should never underestimate the game of a new player, and as a seasoned player, when one is playing regularly on their favorite stakes, with people they have played often with, one tends to get a little complacent. Therefore, on the lower stakes, a seasoned player is playing against multiple new players and so is able to understand the leaks in his/her game in a clearer fashion.

Start playing on the Big Bang tables and win everyday!

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Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.