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#LFGVegas 2.00

#LFGVegas is one of the most popular initiatives launched by 9stacks, in which players playing online poker on 9stacks compete for “LFG points”. The players with the highest number of LFG points at the conclusion of the contest win a trip to the poker Mecca, Las Vegas. This year, in #LFGVegas 2.00, winners earn themselves a free trip to Vegas during the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the World Series of Poker, along with other prizes like earning a bankroll in the form of 9stacks Poker Balance.

LFG points are earned via playing cash games online on 9stacks. For #LFGVegas 2.00, points were earned via the following equation -

#LFG Point = StackUp point + (Booster points x Stake Multiplier)

The following link provides a detailed description of how to win and build a stack of LFG points, to stand a chance in this highly competitive promotion -

The boosters can get really creative. Some examples of these are ‘winning with a high card on the river’ or ‘winning with pocket nines’ .

There were four categories of winners in #LFGVegas 2.00 -

  1. G.O.A.T - This category required winners to win a whopping 500,000 LFG points. This seemingly impossible task was achieved by two 9stacks regulars - effuno and noobpro.
  2. Baller - This category required winners to earn 300,000 LFG points. The ballers of #LFGVegas 2.00 were Jon$now, cr4ck and chocha.
  3. Crusher - This category required winners to earn 150,000 LFG points. Ten players made it into this category.
  4. Grinder - This category, the least intense of the four, required players to earn 50,000 LFG points. Forty players grinded their way through to earn a seat in this category.

Additionally, players who earned a spot in the first three categories received cash rewards as well, with G.O.A.Ts receiving a crazy twenty-five lakhs, Ballers receiving twelve lakhs and Crushers receiving four and a half lakhs in their respective 9stacks poker balances. The enticing reward structure made #LFGVegas 2.00 a heated contest, with hundreds of players racing for the finish line.

#LFGVegas 2.00 was an example of why poker should not been seen as a game of chance, but rather as a game of pure skill, discipline and intuition. The players who made it to Vegas showed consistency in their gameplay with respect to the three aforementioned qualities. We look forward to increased participation in the third edition of #LFGVegas, along with more winners and thus, more of us in Vegas.



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.