The Appeal Of Poker

What attracts players towards poker? Apart from the fact that it is an exciting game and a fun social event, there are certain factors of the game which has enticed so many people towards it. 

Incomplete Information 

Poker is a game of incomplete information, which creates the primary charm of the game. The information you already have is about your own cards and the probabilities of various further cards coming your way, but you have to deduce your opponents' hands from their actions (their bets, their actions and facial expressions, their personal styles, etc). Poker is the perfect blend of “enough information to devise a consistently winning strategy" and "not enough information to do much more than guess." There is no perfect strategy. There are textbook ones, which need adaptation based on changing circumstances and opponents.

Potential for Quick and High Income 

Most jobs can’t offer high income in a short period of time. Poker too requires grinding, but it is very possible to win a couple of grands in an hour. Once you get to higher stakes, you can earn a lot in very little time. Sure, there will be days you’ll lose, but with smart bankroll management and discipline, a good poker player can regularly earn healthy amounts, which brings me to my next point - consistency. 

Consistent Winnings 

Disciplined poker players don’t earn a lot of money everyday, but they earn money everyday. That is the difference between poker as a hobby, and poker as a profession. Poker is a great way to earn just enough money everyday to live a life a leisure. Imagine a college student earning 500-1000 rupees extra everyday. A whole new market opens up for him/her. It is not a once a month lottery, that too where the odds are stacked against you. Therefore, consistency in winnings entices a lot of people to poker. 

No Authority 

A poker player answers to no one. You can set your own schedule, your own stakes and most of all, it’s your own money. The amount of individual liberty one has in this game is a very attractive aspect of the game. 

Broad Budget Spectrum 

Poker can be played at a wide range of stakes, so you don’t need to be super rich, or even rich to be a poker player. You can play with just a few rupees if you want, or at very high stakes with buy-ins running into the thousands. Most college students play medium stakes, as it ensures smart bankroll management and decent profits. This is especially the case with online poker. Some poker sites even run freeroll tournaments with cash prizes. The lack of variety in stakes ensures that people from all backgrounds can earn and enjoy. 

As you can see, poker is not just a game. It is a mode of earning money, and if used wisely, then it is a mode of earning consistent money. Look out for more articles on poker strategy and other random aspects of poker! 



Saptarshi 'Pixie' Basak

An avid poker enthusiast, a book bug, highly interested in International Politics and Affairs, he loves the variations in poker, his blogs bring the same variation in writing style and topics.