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Common Pre-Flop Hands vs Hand Percentages

Do you know what % of chances you have of winning, if you go all in pre flop with 9s, while your opponent holds an AKo?

Below is a summary of most common pre flop situations and hand percentages

Situation                  E.g. Hand        E.g. Hand 2

Under Pair vs. Overcards                Td Ts    54%   46%     Ac Kh

Overpair vs. Pair                      Kc Ks    80%   20%    9d 9c

2 Overcards vs. 2 Undercards            Ad Qc    63%   37%    5d 7h

Dominated Hand                     Ah Jd    72%   28%    Jc Td

Very Dominated Hand                 Qs Qd   89%   11%    Qh Js

Overcard vs. Dominated Kicker          Ad 9h    29%   71%    9c 9s

Pair vs. 1 Overcard                    8h 8d    69%   31%    As 5c

1 Overcard vs. 2 Middle Cards           Jc 4h     57%   43%    6h 8s


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