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How to Play Online Poker Like a Pro

For someone who loves playing poker, being able to play the game for a living seems like the perfect job. Online poker portals can be an ideal means by which one could make a great deal of money. However, it is harder than you would like to believe. You can follow the following tips to ensure maximum effectiveness with minimum hassle pertaining to the online world of poker.

Identify a Platform

Firstly, it is imperative to identify the platforms available where one can play online poker. You should choose a portal that allows simple deposit and withdrawal of cash and offers bonuses, free tournaments and loyalty points. Opt for a platform that has good reviews and practices safe and fair play.

Study the Game

Do your homework and study the game of poker. This is critical if you want to learn how to succeed as a professional online poker player. When you think you have learned all there is to learn about the game, study and research even more. You must understand that having a thorough knowledge about probabilities and how to implement them on the table is the most important aspect of online poker

Manage your emotions

You need to realize the importance of being both sharp and steady when it comes to making the right moves. A good player stays steady, holds his/her ground, and knows when the time is apt to be aggressive and when to be cautious. Poker brings natural variance due to its partial luck factor; players who cannot emotionally balance themselves during losing streaks cannot do well.

Start Small

Starting small and steady ensures constant and large returns. Avoid spending all your available money at once, but instead, make wise divisions. Be smart with your money and decide the amount of cash you would want to invest in play online poker.

Manage your bankroll

Avoid the most important technical mistake, which is to put all your eggs in one basket. Make sure that your available poker money (your “bankroll”) isn’t used up at one go - in fact, experts swear by having 100 times the table buy in. In other words, if you want to risk a maximum of 50,000 rupees, then the maximum buy in table you should play is one hundredth of that - or 500 rupees! Once you ensure your bankrolls is properly spread all throughout your sessions, you can ensure that catastrophic losses are avoided and the impact of variance is reduced as much as possible.

Winning & Losing

One needs to understand the basic idea that you cannot have a series of good days or bad days. There will be days where you are unable to win anything in online poker. On the other hand, there might be days when nothing can go wrong for you and you win everything. So, it is important to remember that winning and losing are both part of the game!




Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.