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Learn the Basics of Poker with 9stacks l How Can You Enroll Yourself At 9stacks University?

9stacks is one of the best poker sites in India, with the best User Experience, what-you-see-is-what-you-get promotions, and rock-solid transparent financial systems. The site believes Poker should be the go-to mind sport for everyone.

Time and again, 9stacks has delighted their users with out-of-the-box innovative features and formats like voice-enabled tables, HeadsUp championships, etc. Standing apart from the crowd by introducing the FIRST Poker Rap song of the country, Airing two successful seasons and continuing with the most beloved poker talk-show Mon Ki Baat that brought players from all over together to share their inspiring journeys and P se Poker to help newbies get an insight of the skill game that poker is. 

Presenting to you, 9stacks University, which is the education wing of 9stacks aimed at giving in-depth knowledge of poker play to you piece by piece. The ease of understanding and learning the game is our major focus so we have covered topics in order of ascending skill levels.

We plan to start more live face-to-face sessions for interested candidates pretty soon! There will now be batches taken to teach the art of the skill. 

Learn the basics of how to play poker from our expert player, “Sanjay Taneja” and start your journey into the mind sport. Don’t forget to enjoy the game, it’ll only be fun then!


Step 1:

Download the app from the play store.

Click on the link here:

Step 2: 

Open the app!

Step 3:

Click on your level of learning - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced!

Step 4:

Sign up & start learning!



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