P se Poker


P se Poker

Many of us want to play poker but struggle with the very basics of poker. You think it is complicated and so don’t play it at all. 

At 9stacks, we think poker is fun and recreational and should be played by everyone- no matter the age! So, we have launched a new series called P se Poker with an objective of teaching basic poker strategies to people to make them hit the tables straight away. If you are new to poker, or online poker and struggle with the basic understanding of poker concepts, this series is for you! 

As a Sutradhar (Host) of the series, we have Sanjay Taneja, who is from an advertising background and is an actor and a fashion photographer who found his love for poker, a few years back and has been continuously playing poker since then. For this series, he will talk on the basic poker strategies and the mistakes that beginners do when playing poker to help them improve their game. 

Here is the list of topics that Sanjay will cover in the series. 

1) How to play Pocket Jacks

2) Tips for playing on Bubble position

3) Deciding the opening bet size

4) Bluffing or over bluffing

5) Playing too many hands



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.