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P se Poker: How to Play Pocket Jacks

Shipping poker tournaments is no simple feat! A lot of us often finish In-The-Money but don’t make it to the final table. Consistently reaching the final table in poker tournaments requires mastering some fundamentals of the game. 

We want to provide our users with some basic hacks of the game, which will strongly supplement their tournament style of play. P se Poker, our latest poker series, aims to do just that. Poker veteran Sanjay Taneja, part of #9stacksTeamIndia will be providing us with short videos on how to deal with tricky scenarios in poker tournaments. 

In this episode, Sanjay provides us with a few pro tips on how to play one of the most tricky hands in Poker - Pocket Jacks (a.k.a Fish-Hooks)! 

He initially explains why Fish-Hooks are so attractive in the first place. Since it’s a pocket pair consisting of two face cards, we automatically assume it is of high strength. But ,we often forget that there are not one, or two, but three overcards with respect to Jacks - Queens, Kings and Aces. So, tread lightly eh?

But how do we play this super sensitive hand then? It should be played according to our circumstances. The circumstantial factors are - stack size (that is, number of big blinds remaining), position and the action before our turn (especially when we are very deep in the tournament) and lastly, playing on the blinds (small blind or big blind). So how would we deal with each situation? Watch the video and learn! 



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.