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So, you’ve signed up for an account with, the best place to play online poker in India. You’ve put in some money, maximized the bonuses on offer, and sat down to play a few hands of poker with your friends at a private table, or with a bunch of other new players at a cash table. You ran good, you’ve made a bit of money. And then, suddenly a friend asks “So, have you played a tournament yet?”

A tournament? What’s that?

Well, poker’s played in two main formats: cash games and tournaments. A tournament is where everyone pays a fixed amount (say Rs 100) and starts with the same number of chips (say a stack of 10,000 chips). You bet as usual, eventually someone will run out of chips and get knocked out. The remaining folks keep playing. Last 15% of players left standing get prizes - for instance, in a 10-person tournament there might be 2 prizes, and in a 1000 person tournament there might be 150 prizes.

How do I see which tournaments are on?

Once you’re logged in to on the website (instaplay) or via the android / iOS apps or via the downloadable client, you can see the lobby showing all games. The tab “Tournaments” shows all the tournaments coming up in the next 24 hours, and also some of the bigger tournaments in the next few days.

Are there faster tournaments that I can play?

Yes, at 9stacks, we are putting time and effort in developing “fast” tournaments that casual players can enjoy when they have lesser time on their hands. For instance, our “Mig-29” tournaments all last at most 29 minutes, and our “6-shooter” tournaments are restricted to 6 players and last exactly 12 minutes. At that time, if more than one person is left, then the prize money is determined by relative numbers of chips. (If there’s a hand in play, that hand is completed) We’re also experimenting with other fast tournament formats, keep checking in!

When do these “fast” tournaments happen?

We have “Mig-29” and “6-shooter” tournaments that happen through the day, and especially around commuting hours 730 AM to 930 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM. Give them a try!

What is the total prize pool in a tournament?

Let’s take an example: In a "200+20" tournament, each player contributes Rs 200 to the prize pot and pays Rs 20 as a fee to the house. So if 12 people register, prize pot = 1200. The prize pot is usually divided such that about 15% of participants get prizes - so 2 players, in this example. In this example, the winner might get say 800 and 2nd prize winner might get 400. We at 9stacks guarantee a minimum prize pool (usually equal to 5 players) for every tournament that gets scheduled- so if say only 3 players register, we will throw in an added 200 so that prize pot becomes 500. (The exception is that if less than say 2 players sign up, a tournament will automatically get cancelled, but that is quite rare).

So what do you think? Want to join us for a tournament? It'll be super fun!



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