6 Poker Movies to Binge Watch This Weekend

Now that Game of Thrones, This is Us and Narcos 3 have been watched and dissected over and over again satisfactorily, we can all return back to our first love, Poker. If, during the last weekend you discovered you had suffered bad beats and had begun to tilt, watching some poker movies would be a much needed relief. We promise. We've listed 6 very special movies on poker that are must be watched by every poker enthusiast.



Released in 1998, Rounders quickly became a cult classic because it not only introduced a lot of people to the world of Poker, but it also accurately captured the tension and the energy of the game.

Another reason why it is up on our list is because the movie firmly established Poker as a fascinating mindsport and a game of skill, in popular culture.

Catch a glimpse here : 

Bet Raise Fold : The Story of Online Poker

This documentary follows the lives of 3 professional online poker players, Tony Bond18” Dunst, Danielle “dmoongirl” Andersen and Martin “AlexeiMartov” Bradstreet and in the process gives us a through grounding of the online Poker community and what Black Friday means for them.

Nose Bleed:

This award winning French documentary by director and well known poker player, Victor Saumont has been hailed as the most accurate and incisive account of a Poker player’s life as an individual and as part of a growing and thriving community. The movie looks deep into the high stakes involved in online poker. It follows the highs and lows in the lives of Alex “alexmoon” Luneau and Sebastien „Seb86“ Sabic. Saumont filmed them playing online and joined their journey to the WSOP.

A Kid’s Game : The Story of Online Poker

Another excellent documentary featuring high stakes players, Di “Urindanger” and Hac “Trex313” Dang,- two of the most successful online players of all time, winning more than 10 million dollars on Full Tilt alone. The brothers offer a lot of insight into how poker can be used responsibly as a very lucrative way of making a living. Because these are players who started from humble beginnings, it is refreshing to see their take on life as millionaire poker pros.

The Cincinnati Kid :

Touted to have one of the finest and tautest finales, this movie is a top notch watch and should be on the list of all poker enthusiasts’ must watch movies. 

Eric Stoner(The Kid) is a hugely successful, upcoming Poker player in New Orleans who takes on a long time Poker legend , Lancely Howard (The Man) in a poker game and become ‘The Man’ himself.

Stoner’s friend, Shooter, an estwhile Poker maestro warns him about Howard’s “gutting” style that usually destroys the confidence of many opponents.

Eric Stoner, nicknamed "The Kid," is an up-and-coming poker player in New Orleans. He hears that Lancey Howard, a longtime master of the game nicknamed "The Man," is in town, and sees it as his chance to finally become the Man himself. The Kid's friend Shooter cautions him, reminding the Kid how he thought he was the best five-card stud player in the world, until Howard "gutted" him when they played.

A game with Howard is soon scheduled. However, Stoner discovers the game is being fixed against Howard by Slade (Rip Torn) out of revenge for a bad loss he suffered to Howard. Stoner objects because he feels he can take the match on his own merits.

Does he finally best ‘The Man’? 

The movie is unpredictable and keeps all poker players and non poker players at the edge of their seats, especially throughout the finale. 

Considered a classic, The Cincinnati Kid is one of the finest movies to make it to the top 3 Poker movies to watch.

 Maverick (1994)

Fast, funny, full of straight-ahead action and tongue-in-cheek jokes, Maverick is a hilarious parody of sorts of the straight up old Westerns of Hollywood. Maverick, a high stakes poker pro, running away from goons hired to prevent him from entering the game. On the way he meets a semi efficient con woman and a marshal who teaches him a thing or two about being spineless in a Poker game. As they bumble their way through the Old West, they turn it into the New West of moviedom with their smart contemporary tone. It is an action movie that chuckles at action movies without straining anyone's brain. "Maverick" exploits and undermines every western cliche from gunfights to war-whooping Indians to runaway stagecoaches and heroes hanging off cliffs.Literally.

Watch it on a fun family night and guffaw the whole time.




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