Courtroom Poker

Poker, Poker!

The dealer bangs his fist

as he brings the table to order.

The fishes are there,

the sharks are there

as there are others!

The preliminary round

of betting begins,

and each player bets

or fold as he may

on the hole cards

that he is dealt.

The bets are admitted,

so are the calls,

and the dealer flops the cards…

the players may check,

call, bet, raise, or fold, 

as they see the board.

The players argue, talk,

and wait for the turn

as they fill the pot,

and presenting their cards

they better bluff,

rather than not!

And when the river

card is turned

Its judgment time

and the pot shall

go to the nuts, or the bluff,

which the players decide.

But appeal you may not

as the dealer can’t help,

as the word is mum,

so bear with your loss,

unless there were cards

that he didn’t burn.

And that’s a hand

we play of poker

as we assume that

winning is the judge

and you’re playing

to win in a courtroom!



Ankit Malhotra

Ankit Malhotra is an erstwhile practising advocate and an active poker enthusiast. He is professionally a content consultant, who happens to be a published poet as well.