Getting Drunk on Poker

It is without fail that you’ll see poker players with a drink in hand in major live tournaments. They are in all colors and tastes, to suit the player and to assist him in winning hands. There are different preferences for different players. Some like to have alcohol while playing, while others believe that drinking would get in the way of applying their skills to poker. So the latter drink non-alcoholic beverages. What then, are the best drinks to sip on while playing poker, cash games or tournaments, alike?

Well, before answering that question, let’s answer another question. What do you need drinks for, in a poker game? For cash games, you don’t need a lot of energy, so just some minor hydration and concentration is all you need. In tournaments, however, you need to sit on the table forever. You need to be sharp throughout. And of course, let’s not forget the sweet tongue you must have to talk your way into winning hands in Texas Hold’em Poker

So, let’s get on with it, without further ado, and apprise you of some beautiful drinks to keep handy while playing poker.

1) Water.

Good old classic water. The best drink ever discovered by humans. And then somehow it became a necessity. Well, not really a necessity on the poker table, but keeping yourself hydrated with some water while playing the game is a blessing in disguise. It keeps you sharp as well as awake. Not for long though, and for that we have other drinks as you go ahead reading.

2) Coffee.

Some caffeine never hurt anyone. As long as you don’t drink a lot of coffee to make you hyper-actively go all-in in more games than not, this caffeinated drink is a good combo with your rising chipstack. Coffee is a tasty beverage that keeps you sharp throughout your game of poker and also keeps you up on those long nights of calling bluffs. 

3) Juice.

A healthy drink is better than a tasty drink, right? But when it’s a healthy and tasty drink, it’s a no brainer! Go heavy on juice. You can never have too much of fresh-pressed juice. There are hardly any harmful effects, but it gives you hydration, sharpness and energy to go on capitalizing on those hole cards.

4) Juice and water combo.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a lot of juice becomes too much juice. And that’s when you need to dilute it with water, to keep the taste in your mouth going strong, and at the same time avoiding too much sugar. Subtlety never goes waste. Juice and water is a subtle combo.

5) Tonic water.

It’s a soda that’s better than soda. What if there’s no gin in it? Tonic water itself is a good drink to pair up with your three-bets. It has a mild taste to keep you light, and enough sugar to keep you up and running. And it has that tangy taste that lingers on your tongue to keep your eyes calculating the odds of you hitting the nuts.

6) Tea.

Well, if you’re an Indian, then no list of beverages is complete without tea. However, it is not very common to see players drink tea while playing poker, players are yet to discover the beauty in the drink. Go Indians! Show them pokerers how good tea is, to keep you up, about and sharp. And yes, Masala Chai, while you’re at it.

7) Red Bull.

We wouldn’t recommend unhealthy drinks, so take this disclaimer to drink Red Bull in moderation whenever you do. But if you wish for an instant hit of energy and a boost for your mental faculties, then Red Bull is the drink. It will keep you going all night long, each time you take a couple of sips, so you can go through tournaments over tournaments with just a couple of cans. Try the sugar-less one for lesser sucrose going into your body. 

So, yeah! Tell us what you drink during your game of Texas Hold’em Poker, winning hands and calling bluffs. And if tea is on your list of drinks that you prefer playing this sacred game, then brownie point to you (unless it’s black tea...). So, yeah. Drink responsibly, and don’t drink and play. Just kidding.

And yes, if you’re not up for a lot of drinking, we would recommend you try online poker. It’s not as lengthy, and the amazing user interface will keep you sharp and interested throughout your quest at building your chipstack empire.




Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.