All In with Shasha123 : Partying in Goa after winning the Go Goa

9stacks is flying players to Goa- the poker capital of India for an all expense paid trip which includes fun activities and also a casino entry. To be eligible all you have to do is grind 10k points and then be ready for the best poker experience of your life.

We have with us here Shasha123 who is one of the first 3 players on 9stacks to win a free trip to Goa. We dropped in for a chat

Team 9stacks : Hi Shasha123, First of all congratulations for cracking the GoGoaGone promotion in just 5 days, and also how are you doing? Tell us a bit about yourself?

Shasha123: Hi, So I am currently working in a government job and only learnt poker about 2 years back.

One fine day I noticed my friend was playing a game on his mobile phone and I saw some cards on the screen. 

This intrigued me and when I asked him what he was playing, he told me about the game called ‘Poker’ and I instantly fell in love with it. 

After learning it from him, my quest to excel in the game started to take shape.

I was constantly watching youtube videos and was fascinated by the immense strategy required to master it.

I, for one,love a challenge and I found it with poker.

But even after playing it for so long, I am a student of the game and poker continues to excite me.

Team 9stacks: Hahaha, That sounds like every poker player’s story in India and I am glad you stumbled upon poker like this and are crushing it right now!

But how did you get your start in poker and what led you to crushing the highest stakes there are?

Like any other player, I started grinding at Rs.2/Rs.5 and as I learnt about the game, I progressed up in stakes eventually to a point where now I am comfortably playing Rs.25/Rs.50 and Rs.50/Rs.100.

Team 9stacks That sounds awesome. Did you take any formal coaching or lessons?

No no, I am self-taught and have never had any formal training of any sort.

As I learnt the rules, I went about developing strategies and also consumed some poker content on youtube.

Team 9stacks : You’ve done a tremendous job to get where you are today! 

How did you learn about 9stacks?

The friend I told you about, the one who introduced me to poker, He is the one who told me about 9stacks and how they give amazing deposit offers and such exciting goodies.

I was sold then and there and hurried to deposit and start grinding.

Team 9stacks : What was your reaction when you got to know that 9stacks is running a promotion called GoGoaGone and what are your thoughts on it?

I was honestly surprised because 9stacks already gives a lot of rakeback and just grinding out 10k points was not a big deal.

I finished the promo in about 5 days owing to the 24x7 action on the tables.

Also not once did I have a losing session because I was the only regular among the recreational so I found a lot of fishes on the tables.

Team 9stacks : Woah, sounds like your bankroll is being built steadily.

So what are you looking forward to in Goa?

Visiting the poker capital of India is always a delight and Goa is just a beautiful place to visit.

I have also been informed 9stacks have planned some awesome activities for us like BBQ night, Sit ‘n’ Go between the qualifiers and also all the networking opportunities I will get with the fellow players.

I love playing poker and more importantly talking about poker, the platform to do that with this promotion is something that I look forward to the most.

Team 9stacks : What do you like about 9stacks and a few parting words for all the newbies who look up to you?

I love the amazing promotions they have on offer and the amount of rakeback I get here, no other platform comes even close to it.

I also like the smooth interface that is very minimalistic and helps me multi-table efficiently.

But my favourite thing is the personalised customer service I get here, there is always someone to attend to my queries and I have all the issues resolved in a jiffy through whatsapp.

To all the new players out there, I would suggest you to play on 9stacks, they have the 9stacks university section which really helped me improve my game and crush the stakes I play now.

Also this is the preferred platform for all my friends who are starting out so you will find a lot of people here starting their journey. They provide awesome bonuses and you can win a lot of goodies too!

Team 9stacks : Thanks for the kind words Shasha123 and we hope you continue crushing!



Aditya Pandita

loves football, cannot and will not shut up about poker