Highest wins in poker history

Poker is a game with an immensely rich experience for the player. And the richness does not correspond to the stakes involved. Unlike golf and boxing, where there’s a lot at stake, poker is not as capital or effort intensive. Where in golf, the gear is an expensive affair on one hand, in boxing, the entire body is at stake. That’s what it takes for a player in either of these games to win a huge amount as prize money.  

However, poker on the other hand does not require much investment to start with. Although bigger pots are won by buying in with a bigger amount, such amounts can be won. A poker player starting with a thousand bucks may end up with thousands, or hundreds of thousands within weeks. And then, he may buy-in with that amount to win bigger pots. This is the magic of poker. And this magic has earned a lot of players an unimaginable amount of money. In one tournament.

And for that reason, we have compiled a list of five of the highest poker wins in history. Hope this inspires you to play poker in your free time.


The highest poker win of all times is still retained by Antonio Esfendiari of Iran. With a win of $18,346,673, he is the highest pot winner of all times. The win came in the year 2012 WSOP Event #55 – The Big One For One Drop. Being a magician himself, it doesn’t come as any surprise why he is called ‘The Magician’. His greatest act of winning $18 Million is yet to be beaten!


Imagine messing up your college admission form and landing up with a $15 Million win! Well, Daniel Colman of the USA has not left much to the imagination. The 29 year old online poker player hit the tables in the 2014 WSOP Event #57 – The Big One For One Drop to win a whopping $15,306,668, while not even 25 at the time. Now that’s one big win for a young player. And to think that college would have ruined his chance to making big in poker, and in the world!


The World Series of Poker is known to hand out real big pot wins. With $18 million and $15 million, it’s no wonder that the World Series of Poker is one of the highest paying tournaments of all time. However, when the Chinese poker maverick Elton Tsang won $12,248,912 at the 2016 Monte-Carlo One Drop Extravaganza, he broke that myth too. The highest win outside of USA gave Elton Tsang, a Hong Kong based poker player a place among the best players in the world. And of course, unquestionable fame and respect!


Have you heard of the company Buzznation? Well, you should have, if you’re a poker player. Although the event management company has nothing to do with poker, it’s president certainly does. Some people have a flair for the melodramatic. But it is hardly seen in a poker player. Well, Jamie Gold is not your regular poker player. Winning $12,000,000 at the 2006 WSOP Main Event #39, the American made a mark for himself in the poker arena! Being an eccentric player, Jamie Gold was almost kicked out of the tournament for his various antics and behavior. Some luck that day, coming at the top!


Not a lot of Swedes are known for gutshot betting and taking high risks. But not Martin Jacobsen. The now-London resident won a staggering $10,000,000 to become the 5th highest pot winning poker player in the world. His guts, betting erratically and raising highly got him from having the shortest stack on day 2, to being the winner at the 2014 WSOP Main Event! It takes luck to win big. But it takes guts to win huge!



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.