Memorable Poker TV Scenes

Poker is a stylish game. That might be the reason for it being part of so many scenes in movies and T.V. shows which leave the viewer charmed and impressed. Let us look at four such scenes which left us with a smirk on our faces. 

Ocean’s Eleven

Can there be anything better than Brad Pitt giving a few rich movie stars some poker lessons? A frustrated Rusty Ryan (Pitt) walks out of a five-card draw poker session after he realizes that his students are good for nothing. When he comes back after a drink, he sees that his old friend Danny Ocean (George Clooney) has joined them. As the game continues, Clooney builds a massive pot. Pitt encourages his students to not give up since he believes that Clooney might be bluffing. All of them but one obey, as Clooney shows quads with the famous line, “I don’t know what four nines do, but the Ace I think, is pretty high.” Pitt is seen smiling subtly, probably getting half the money since they colluded to loot the rich newbies.  


Hailed as the best poker movie ever made, Matt Damon plays gambler Mike McDermott, who initially loses all his poker winnings to Russian mobster Teddy KGB. Towards the end of the movie, the two are playing heads up, as Matt Damon flops the nut-straight. Nobody knows what Teddy had, but Matt, who is first to act, check-traps Teddy on all three streets. The relevance of this action is that it is very similar to how Johnny Chan beat Eric Seidel in the final hand of the 1988 WSOP Main Event. Mid-way in the movie, Matt Damon is shown drooling over that hand, when broadcasted on television. Probably influenced by Chan’s trapping skills, Damon induces Teddy to shove, as he held the stone-cold nuts after the river.  

The Mentalist 

One of the most charming T.V show characters ever, Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, consultant to the FBI in the show ‘The Mentalist’. In the first episode of the fourth season, Patrick decides to play a game of five-card draw with some of his inmates. During the game, Patrick’s opponent decides to raise big. Patrick waits for bit, tugs his ear a couple of times and jams all his chips into the pot. His opponent laughs and confidently says, “You know puss, when you bluff, you have a real obvious tell.” Patrick asks him if it was the ear tug that gave it away. His opponent nods and flashes a smile, which is wiped off from his face the very next second as Patrick shows his straight flush. As the other inmates laugh at his opponent, Patrick flashes his charming smile. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the funniest shows of the 21st century, detective Jake Peralta, who has no clue about how to play poker, enters a poker club with his alias Billy "Big Time" Jankowski: An online gambler who live at his mother's basement. Of course, he is wearing a wire, and his boss, Captain Holt would be giving him orders on how to play the hands. Their larger objective (irrelevant to us) is to get in touch with a mobster who only plays high-stakes poker games. Peralta is even saying things under the orders of Holt, using terminology he hasn’t even heard of: “I’m coming in under the gun and I’ve got 15K behind.” In the very first hand, Peralta flops the nut flush and shoves, as instructed by Holt. In a hilarious turn of events, he gets sucked out on the river by a runner-runner full house, as he starts celebrating, thinking that he won the hand. When the dealer clarified the outcome, he sadly says that he’s going to go back to his mom’s basement. 



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.