My mother, the poker player

She wakes you with a DEAL,

“wake up,

or there’s no breakfast!”

That’s a bad deal,

unless you know how to play…

So, you bargain for another five,

like you’ve done your entire life.

But she’s lived with you,

and knows you better than you do,

so that’s a FLOP right there,

and you know

that you’ve been played.

You can’t do much…

and get up, as such!

The breakfast is all ready

as you place yourself at the table,

but it’s not what you thought…

parathas- piping hot!

but you make the best of your TURN,

and feeding the milk to your dog,

order in the parathas you yearn!

But she knows you

inside out, every way,

and awaits your order

as she did yesterday.

And after a RIVER of curses

and an hour late,

you eat toasted bread you hate!

Get good as you may, but

both of you know

who’s the SHARK and

who’s the FISH here,

As you can’t play to win

against your mother-




Sakshi Misra

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.