Poker with the Queen

We’ll take you around the streets of London, on a poker tour. Tour London to find the best spots to satiate your poker cravings. London is a paradise for casino-goers. More so, for poker players. As gambling is legal and thanks to the Department of Culture, Media and Sports, casinos are legal too. The Gambling Act, 2005 regulate gambling and casinos in the United Kingdom.

That being said, let’s take a Red Bus tour of the best poker casinos in London. With the Oxford Street calling you out to shop and Central London, with all its attractions, take out time for yourself. Take out time for poker in the erstwhile capital of the world (well, almost!). Let us see if you find other good spots to do more than just play poker. It’ll be hard to find better amusement, but let’s keep our hopes steady.

So, here is our curated list of the best poker spots in the city (casino-wise… we can also link you to private games).

Aspers. Stratford City

The Aspers Casino is the biggest casino. And what more, it is one of the more recent ones. It came up along with the Commonwealth Games of 2012. So it isn’t old at all. The Aspers Casino in Westfield Stratford City also hosted the first Cash Games Festival, and is a sprawling property with all major casino games. The tourists and spectators are in luck. This property does not have any dress code, so you can walk in, after roaming the various museums and hit the tables.

Genting Casino, Cromwell Mint

Kensington is one of the posher districts of London. With the Hyde Park right across the road and the Kensington Palace at a stone’s throw away, this Casino is also a tad bit exclusive. So, if you’re dressed formally, and wish to play some high quality poker, head to Kensington, and play among the rich of London. Although they have low stakes games as well, this casino generally hosts the sharks. Well, and what better, this casino gives special attention to poker, and has a lot of tables dedicated to the sacred game.

Hippodrome, Leicester Square

Leicester Square is home to various museums and casinos. So, it’s no surprise that one of the casinos has made this list. If you’re a casino person, Leicester Square is for you. Actually, it is for all the nerds out there. With Lego and Ripley’s Museum in the vicinity… why not? The three floor gaming hub has been named the best casino in London on several occasions. The Hippodrome was built on the site of a theatre, over three years. It also has associations with various online gaming websites, and holds regular cash games and tournaments.

Empire Casino, Leicester Square

When we are already on the topic of Leicester Square, we cannot miss the Empire Casino. It’s a little bigger than its Leicester Square counterpart, mentioned above. And it is a little more prestigious as well, with the inaugural World Series of Poker, 2007, being held here. However, like Aspers, and unlike the Genting Casino, it welcomes walk in players, who wish to play short cash games. However, like all of London, the Empire Casino is also awaiting the poker scene in London to develop as much, to have more walk-ins.

Grosvener Victoria ‘The Vic’ Casino, Marylebone

Now, when you’re in London, for the ICC World Cup, how can you evade Lord’s? The Mecca of Cricket is also at the helm of Poker in the United Kingdom (and in fact, Europe, to some extent). The only place more important to poker in Europe might be Monaco. But even Monaco is not the host of the European Poker Tour (EPT). Further, The Vic is also known for hosting other important tournaments like the Grosvener UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) and the World Heads-Up Poker Tournament (WHUP). Oh, and a treat for you all, this casino is open 24*7!

So, when you are in London or United Kingdom next time, why not catch up on some poker. And what more… these casinos are all indoors. So the rains cannot dampen your chance at hitting it big at Poker, while in England. So, poker on! And tell us of your latest exploits at poker.



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