Top 10 Casinos Around the World that Every Poker Player Dreams of Visiting

Many globetrotters expect the most extraordinary variety and peculiar kind of facilities by their chosen hotel or resort as offerings. They are just as important as their vacation destination. This is predominantly true of international gambling fans who pursue the most breathtaking and deluxe accommodation in the most alluring, attractive and picturesque spots, merged with the world-class land casino. When it comes to land casinos with slots in abundance, the list is exhaustive, but here are the topmost ten biggest land casinos to consider:

1. The Venetian – Macau, China

 Its sister casino is the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, which is based in the Chinese city of Macau and is currently the world’s biggest casino resort. Since its grand opening in August 2008, this casino has attracted many millions of gamblers and tourists alike from all over the world, and the reason is because its spectacular.

Situated on 980,000 of Macau’s exclusive and picturesque Cotai Strip, the 3,000 room Venetian Macau has 51,000 of gaming space which houses more than 800 table games and 3,400 slot machines. This means if a player had to spend one minute playing every slot in the casino, it would take over 56 hours to play them all. Even the world’s premier online casinos don’t have that many slots.

2. City of Dreams Casino – Macau, China

China homes the world’s second-biggest land casino resort, the City of Dreams Casino, which is also in the gambling-friendly city of Macau. This is owned and operated by the Melco Crown Entertainment.

Constructed on an area measuring over 113,000 sq. mt, the City of Dreams Casino has a gaming floor area of almost 40,000, with over 450 table games and 1,500 slots. With over 1,400 most luxurious rooms and suites, this casino resort invites wealthy visitors from China and abroad.

3. Foxwoods Resort Casino – Ledyard, USA

Foxwoods Resort Casino, the third largest casino resort in the world and largest in the United States, is located farther up the East Coast in the small town of Ledyard, Connecticut. Opened in July 1986 and since its launch over 30 years ago, Foxwoods Resort Casino remains America’s biggest resort casino at over 840,000, 32,000 of which is gaming floor. With over 800 table games and 3,400 slot games, it offers competition to The Venetian Macau’s gaming floor. Renowned for its serene forest setting, this casino attracts sophisticated gamblers and tourists alike.

4. Ponte 16 Casino Resort – Macau, China

The Gambling city of China, that is Macau, is also home to Ponte 16, a popular casino resort situated next to the city’s renowned Inner Harbor. Since its opening in February 2008, Ponte 16 has acquired the world attention for its picturesque location, state-of-the-art table games and slots, and for housing Asia’s first ever Michael Jackson Gallery.

The casino owes its amazing and appealing appearance to a combination of Portuguese / Chinese immense architectural styles. Built on over 120,770 sq. mt of real estate with a view described as “one river, two banks,” the casino’s gaming floor measures 25,000 sq. mt and contains 109 table games and 300 slot machines.

 5. MGM Grand – Macau, China

The MGM Grand is yet another paradigm of a colossal Chinese casino resort galvanized by its prominent Las Vegas counterpart. Inaugurated in December 2007, the MGM Grand Macau was the consequence of a joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Pansy Ho.

Constructed on 288,000 of land, the property’s golden-hued exterior boasts three wave-shaped tiers designed to reflect the ocean swells of the South China Sea. With a gaming floor measuring just over 20,000, gamblers and holidaymakers alike can enjoy over 400 table games and 1200 slot machines to suit the expense of any slot fan.

 6. Rio Casino Resort – Klerksdorp, South Africa

The casino residing father south to South Africa and Rio Casino Resort, is a vast gambling and entertainment complex. Situated 160km from Johannesburg, Rio Casino opened in May 2002 under the name Tusk Rio Casino Resort and is owned by local hotel, resort and casino giant, Peermont Global.Rio Casino is a huge casino of South Africa’s 38-licensed land casinos and also the largest casino in Africa and one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere. Despite the size of its gaming floor (24,743, Rio has relatively few games; just 11 table games and 274 slot machines.

7. Crown Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia

The Crown Melbourne is extensively considered as one of the Australia's ‘gaming jewels.’ It was inaugurated in June 1994 in the Northbank of Melbourne but was then relocated to the Southbank in 1997, where it still operates even today. Owned by Crown Resorts, it covers 510,000 sq.mtof real estate.

With a marvelous view of the Yarra River, gaming fans can look forward to games from over 540 table games and 2,628 slot machines. Crown Melbourne has a total gaming area of 20,438

8. Trilenium Casino – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The largest bricks and mortar casino in Argentina, and in South America and lying to the west of South Africa is Trilenium Casino. Since it inaugurated some years ago close to Buenos Aires, it has been a very popular gaming, dining and entertainment destination for locals and tourists too. It houses many of the city’s and the Tigre Province’s finest restaurants.The Trilenium Casino doesn’t offer accommodation. It has about 74 table games and over 1,800 slot machines scattered across its 16,700 gaming floor.

9. MGM Grand – Las Vegas, United States

The United States accommodates the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the largest single building hotel in the country with over 5,100 rooms. It was inaugurated in December 1993. Owned and run by MGM Resorts International, the MGM Grand is situated on the famous Las Vegas strip.

Out of the MGM Grand’s approximate 453,248 property, 15,930 is used for its gaming floor which houses roughly 140 poker and table games and 2,500 slot machines and other gaming machines. Its famous for its lion logo, before a renovation in 2012, the casino resort drew vast crowds with its exclusive glass-sided lion habitat constructed within the casino floor area.

10. Casino Estoril – Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon’s Casino Estoril,is the only entrant from Portugal and Europe, and the most oldest, dating back to 1916.The casino served as the inspiration for the James Bond novel Casino Royale. Today it attracts many local and foreign gamblers and voyagers from all over the globe.

With a vast selection of table and poker games, and 1,100 slot machines, there are more than enough games to accommodate even the most seasoned gambling fans.



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