Introducing India's First Voice-Enabled Poker Tables

Poker is more than a hundred years old - about time some new features were introduced, right? Well, one big shift happened with the spread of the internet, where more games now happen online rather than over physical cards. 

With the spread of Covid-19 and the entire world being forced to go under lockdown, we at had introduced password protected private tables to bridge the gap between friends and family and better the online poker experience! Over the lockdown, many players threw poker parties with their own private guest lists. Now, we’re taking the experience one more step further, with Voice enabled private tables, where you don't need to type anymore you can just talk.

With the newly launched voice tables, pour your heart out and chit-chat while you play with your close group. Connect with your friends and family over online poker. Want to discuss old memories with friends, share office gossip or diss the latest episode of that webseries? Now you can, all over a fun game of Poker.

Play on Voice Enabled Private Tables on 9stacks anytime anywhere! 

There are only 3 simple steps for you to start playing! 

STEP 1: Simply join the private table with your friends. (psst.. Click here for info on how to set up a private table)

STEP 2: Each person gets a link on their registered email and phone number. 

STEP 3: Click on the link and join the chat room for the fun to begin! 

You can mute yourself when you like. You can even selectively mute one or more of the other players for yourself - don’t want to hear the boss’s lame jokes? Well, you’ve got that power here!

Who can use the voice-chat features? Is there a fee?

Anyone can use the voice-chat feature for playing poker on 9stacks. There are absolutely no charges one has to pay for the voice-enabled private tables. 


  • What if I want to mute myself? 

You are in command of the controls. Mute or unmute, entirely your call.

  • Don't have a computer microphone or it’s not working? 

You can play on your laptop and use your phone for the voice chat feature!  

  • Does it work on your phone too? 

Yes it does work on your mobile phone as well. Yo can play as well as chat from your phone

  • Do I need to download another software for the chat functionality? 

No, just click on the link and the voice chat room will open in your browser. No software downloads needed. 

  • Can I just listen / chat with my friends without joining a private table?

No, for privacy and security reasons only players who are logged in and sitting at a private table can talk to each other. No lurkers, no observers. And the minute any player leaves the private table, they leave the chat as well.



Lisa Mohapatra

A passionate dancer and marketer but she finds her peace in writing. Someone who has the belief to take on every challenge with a smile.