Why Playing Poker Will Make You Win In Life

Poker is a fascinating game that teaches you so much about life. At 9Stacks, we believe that who you are, the kind of decisions you take, while you play Poker reflect a lot about you in real life.

Poker is blunt and almost brutal as a teacher, but then so is life, right?

We tried to pick out some ways playing poker can actually bring about a transformation in your personality.

Let’s look at how this game changes your outlook in life for the better.

Playing Poker develops decision making skills:

Are you a person who hates making decisions because, well, how does one even decide?

Poker’s going to help you out a lot here. Poker trains your brain to start thinking critically and favor decisions that are based on the kind of data or situation you have at hand. It helps you always go for the logical option, or at least, helps you weigh your options and go ahead with a logical, informed decision.

When you start noticing that logical decisions are getting you to win in the game, you brain slowly starts letting this approach permeate into the evaluation of other decisions in your life.

Poker makes you patient:

One of the best things about playing Poker regularly is that you learn to be patient. It forces you, literally, to bide your time, to wait for the right game, to not react and give in to your impulses while playing the game. You understand that life throws unexpected googlies at you and you have to take it in stride, no matter what. You understand that losing your temper only worsens the situation for you and harms your thinking process. You are then able to prioritize your moves to get back into the game.

You become disciplined:

Closely linked to patience is discipline. Playing poker trains you into focusing on the end goals and ignoring all the obstacles. In Poker you need to discipline yourself and control your impulses. The more you practise these, the better rewards you will reap. The same goes for your decisions in life. The most successful people in the game are those who know which games to select as per their abilities, control their emotions and not give in to external obstacles, those who know how to pull out of the game instead of playing another chance without calculating the risk.

Poker transforms your relationship with failure:

Life is all about winning some and losing some. We have all experienced the ups and downs and have gotten upset about failing at something. However, the true winner of life is someone who learns how to let go of the emotions associated with loss and tries to learn from the experience.

In Poker, the kind of zingers that are thrown at you, even if you have been making the right decisions, can cause you to feel frustrated and irritated. Poker, in its own inimitable style will teach you that emotional decisions never helped anyone. You lose your money and are left without anything when you make a rash decision. The lesson? Let go of the mistake and learn from it. That is what is going to help you.

Failure helps us reevaluate our choices and priorities and we begin to take responsibility for our actions. The sooner you embrace the failure and look beyond it, the more successful you will be.

 You learn how to manage your finances:

Of course Poker sharpens your money managing acumen! The game lets you control your money but constantly tests your ability to keep it or grow it , especially when there are so many variables in the form of players, present. 

It teaches you to know when to stay in the game, while you look at your finances, and when to bow out with what you have. The same is replicated in life. You are now able to control your urge to spend because you are able to quickly differentiate between your need based spending and your impulsive splurges.

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Prashaste Sinha

Prashaste lives to eat and write. She's our very own homegrown poker sceptic who's gone on to enjoy her stint with poker and loves writing and interviewing people who are passionate about poker and life.