10 Reasons why Scrabble is Popular Amongst All Age Groups

Board Games are an essential part of growing up in every household all around the globe. Although a substantial number of board games come out every year, some gain so much popularity that they become evergreen and are passed on for generations. One such game is “Scrabble”

Scrabble is popular amongst all age groups and is a mind game that helps in boosting memory and increasing brain power.

Here are a few reasons why scrabble is a huge hit amongst all age groups.

It’s Simple and Easy to Play

A lot of games lose out on their popularity and loyal fan base if they are too complicated to understand and play. Scrabble is a simple game of words with linear rules and easy scoring. All you have to do is create words in a crossword fashion and bag additional points on words that have been created on the bonus scoring tiles on the game board. Neither does the game take hours to finish, nor does it require you to be a words wizard; hence it’s simplicity leads to the immense popularity it enjoys.

Improves brain health

Not only is playing scrabble a lot of fun but it is also beneficial in improving brain health amongst all age groups. It aids in quick thinking, strategising and improves cognitive thinking. Overall, scrabble helps in exercising your brain and keeps the brain healthy.

It’s great for socialising

If you have ever played scrabble, you know that the game helps in socialising as it sparks conversations. You may laugh because someone made a word that reminds you of an inside joke or you may have a heated argument with your opponents on the correct pronunciation of the word made. A game of scrabble is always entertaining and is a blast when you play with your gang!

It is a Highly Competitive Game

Scrabble ignites the interest of a lot of people because it teaches competitiveness and sportsmanship spirit. It is a mind game where even the placement of one alphabet can turn the tables for or against you. It trains the mind to think in a certain way and helps you in developing skill sets of strategy, mindfulness and mastering your vocabulary.

It helps in improving vocabulary

To be good at the game, you need to know your words well! This mind game unlike others helps you in curating a strong vocabulary and thus helping you in improving your command over the english language. You learn word derivations, meaning and new anagrams everytime you play.

It teaches strategy

One of the most intriguing aspects of playing scrabble is learning to strategize. Some of the alphabets have a high point score but are difficult to use on the board. Similarly , there are multiple words that you would want to make but they get blocked or taken by your opponent. Once you have been playing Scrabble for long enough, it trains your brain to strategize the use of alphabets and the lucrative words to be made on the board to make your perfect score.

It is Super Fun!

The crux of the popularity of the mind game lies in the fact that it is super fun to play! It is exciting and beneficial at the same time. Scrabble can be played by people anytime, anywhere and with anyone. From parents, siblings, friends to colleagues; scrabble is fun played with all. It is one of the oldest board games and is still able to capture the interest of all age groups alike!

Scrabble is now available online on websites and apps where you can connect with people from all over the globe and play anytime.

The diversity of the game and it’s adaptability makes it a great hit even today !


Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.