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Money: The thing we all need every day. But we all know it is hard to earn. Well, that's partially true, but now is the time to be smart.

Make money online.

Wondering How to earn money online? Well, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will read about how to earn money from home. Read this complete blog to find out.

  • Do Freelancing

If you're good at something, don't do it for free. Change your passion into earning. Freelancing is a trendy term, but lots of people are still confused about what it is. It merely means doing what you're good at, opening an online shop for it. Whether it's handling social media or editing pictures, there are multiple things that you can do as a freelancer. Go on to Google and search Freelancing sites, and that's it. Choose the category you want to work on and start working online.

  • Playing Poker

If you are looking for how to earn money online, that means you're looking to make money quickly and easily. Well, there are multiple other ways. The best is playing poker. Now, that isn't all easy, but there's something important you should know. 

Poker is a game, and we all love to play games. Poker requires players to have skills. These skills are easy to learn and come with practice. If you don't like doing tedious freelancing jobs or are tired of your daily job, Don't worry. Poker can make you champ. All you need to earn money from home is to play poker at 9Stacks.

Why 9Stacks? The reason is it is trustworthy, fun, and, most importantly, jackpots are enormous.

How can Poker Games help you earn money online by just sitting at home?


Now that we know, Poker is beneficial and worth playing as it involves earning money too. Let us now look at how Playing Poker online at 9Stacks will benefit you in earning money online at home. Beginner or Pro at Poker, 9Stacks cares for each player. That's why 9Stacks is India's most trusted poker website. 

There are multiple reasons why Indian Poker Players love it. Let's look at some of them. 

  • Creating an official Account on 9Stacks is free. That means no charges, and you'll have your unique profile to play Poker online.

  • Playing Poker on 9Stacks is legal and secure.

  • You can play poker at any time. 9Stacks is available to you 24x7.

  • Winning money isn't tricky as there are multiple tournaments and matches available. All you have to do is choose the game as per your skills.

  • Withdrawing money in 9Stacks is very simple. You can withdraw money to your bank accounts within only two hours. You can use Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Online Wallets, or even UPI on 9Stacks.

  • Tutorials to learn Poker are also available. That's not only it; you also get video tutorials for free on YouTube to learn poker.

  • 9Stacks is available across all the platforms. Apple and Android Phones to Microsoft Computers, 9Stacks has well-designed apps for each platform. You can also use 9Stacks to play poker on your browser. 

  • For 9Stacks, the most important thing is the players. That's why 9Stacks has a fully dedicated team of experts available to assist you. You can contact them anytime via Email or Live chatbox.

To conclude, now you don't need to search for how to make money from home. It's time to take action. Without wasting any time, grab the opportunity and start playing Poker on 9Stacks now.

How much can you earn playing poker at 9Stacks?


After learning ideas on How to make money, and understanding Poker is one of the best methods. Let's now look at How much you can earn while playing at 9Stacks?

Well, earning in Poker depends on lots of factors. If you are a professional player playing at tournaments, you will be winning huge jackpots. But that's not where earning money online in Poker stops. You can also make a significant amount of money while playing cash games too.

To understand it better, let us read it in detail. We can divide earnings in Poker into three categories.

  • NL2- about Rs. 10k per month

  • NL5- about Rs. 20k per month

  • NL10- about Rs. 30k per month


This category is where we all start. It's based on the lowest limit that you'll play in Poker. The amount of money you will make is adequate here, but there's something even more enjoyable.

Here, you won't encounter many pro players. Instead, you will mostly play against new players here. That means chances of winning are much higher here. So, If you are someone who is continuously practicing Poker and learning all the skills, you can boost your earnings quickly.


Here poker players are skilled and experienced. That means you won't encounter any Poker fish players. Instead, there might be some pro players too. That's where you need to be conscious. If you are always learning and have the courage to take risks, you can undoubtedly win here. Also, with bonuses, you can reach massive amounts very quickly. But always remember, you now need to have skills and take Poker seriously.


NL10 isn't the final stage of earning money in Poker. Instead, it is the stage where everything starts. NL10 shows that you can earn more money than you can imagine if you become a Poker pro. In NL10 pro, you'll be playing against a mediocre pro, that's why it is a little challenging, but the winning amount is high.

So far, we have read about an average poker player earning in cash games. It is good, but what if you want to win more? Well, 9Stacks is here with a vast number of tournaments having Jackpots amounts that you will love.

9Stacks Diwali Offer

Win an unlimited number of iPhone 12. Yes, that's true. 9Stacks start from iPhones. You can't compare it to other Poker sites. 

Most Indian Poker sites stop at iPhones, but that's where 9Stacks starts from, and it doesn't stop. Keep reading to find out more. And if you love iPhones too, here's the link to participate. 9Stacks Diwali Offers

9Stacks Treasure Hunt

Start earning rewards at only 20 hands! Win up to  Rs 1,900 DAILY! On 9Stacks, you can even start winning at 20 hands. 

Now, if you do rough math that means if you earn 2000/- RS. Daily, you'll be earning 60000/- per month. That is what upper-middle-class family income earns!

9Stacks Tournaments

9Stacks tournaments have huge jackpots. The winning amount is in Lakhs. That means you can earn lakhs while only playing Poker online at the comfort of your home. 

Tournaments like Sunday Madness have a Minimum guaranteed prize money = 5.3 Lakhs. Want to learn more and earn more? Visit 9Stacks now.

How can I start playing Poker at 9Stacks?


Playing Poker on 9Stacks is a must-have experience for every poker player. The reason is the interface is perfect, and it's available for free across all the platforms. To play Poker online, you have to follow only three easy steps. These steps are as follows.

Registering the Account 

Registering a player account on 9Stacks is entirely free. All you have to do is follow the easy steps that are as follows.

  • Choose a username and password. 

  • Enter your state and then click on create an account.

You can also watch our Youtube Tutorial on How to create an official account on 9Stacks.

Youtube Tutorial: How to create an account on 9Stacks.

Downloading and Installing the Apps

To download the free 9Stacks app, please visit Play Poker online | Play Texas Holdem poker in India

Here you will see various options to download the 9Stacks app. 9Stacks app is available for every platform that most of us are using.

You can also download the app from the links that are mentioned below.

For Android - 9Stacks Poker on the Android

For IOS(Iphones/Ipad)- ‎9stacks Poker on the App Store

For Windows- 9Stacks Poker on the Windows

For macOS- 9Stacks Poker on the macOS

Installing is as simple as Downloading. Let's read and find out how you can install the 9Stacks app for free.

  • In Windows, go to your downloads folder and right-click on the setup folder. Click on Run, and Installation will begin.

  • In macOS, the installation process is similar to Windows. Go to downloads, then run the setup folder and make sure you allow 9Stacks apps all the permission, which it requires.

  • In Android, once you download the app, click on the apk file. A new screen will appear and then click on the Install button on it. The installation process will begin automatically. After completing the installation process, you'll see the app on your home screen.

  • In IOS devices, the process is even more straightforward. You only have to download the 9Stacks App from the App store. The installation process will automatically happen. You can download the 9Stacks app from the App Store like you download other apps on your iPhone or Ipad.

Making a Deposit

Depositing on 9Stacks is very comfortable because the Deposit process is entirely online. 9Stacks offers online deposits through Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, and E-Wallets.

After making the Deposit, you can participate in the tournaments and earn real money online. To make the deposits,

  • Go to your account and then click on add user balance. 

  • Choose the method(Net banking/Credit Card/Debit Card/E-wallets/UPI) you would like to use and then enter the amount.

That's it, now you have made the Deposit.

You can also watch our youtube tutorial to learn depositing 9Stacks - Youtube Tutorial: How to deposit 9Stacks.

After following all of the above steps, you can start playing Poker on 9Stacks. Choose the match you would like to play, and the game that helps you earn money begins now.


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A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.