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Learn How To Win Chinese Poker

Playing Chinese poker is very interesting and easy; all you have to do is understand the basic gameplay. If you want to learn how to win Chinese poker, read this complete blog.

In learning how to play Chinese poker, the first step is to understand dealing. In dealing, the dealer deals thirteen cards to each player. As there are only fifty-two cards in a deck, so there are only four players allowed in a Chinese poker match. The dealer distributes cards in the clockwise direction starting from his left side player.

Now, after getting the cards, players try to arrange them. Players have to place the cards in the form of two five-card hands and one three-card poker hand. Also, if there are only three players, the fourth hand is left face down, and if there are two players only, the two hands are used for the next round. 

Now that we know the basic how-to-play Chinese poker, it's time to dive deep into Chinese poker rules.

Chinese Poker Rules

For making the best Chinese poker strategy, the most important thing is to know the basic rules. These Chinese poker rules are straightforward and easy to understand. Let's read them.

  • Winning Outright: In Chinese poker, the player who makes three flushes or straights in their three hands wins the entire match. It doesn't matter now what other players have in their holdings.

  • Surrendering: Surrendering is optional, but generally, every Chinese poker player likes to play with it. In surrendering, players decide an amount before the match that they would pay and the hand they will not play against the other players. It also helps them in not paying royalties.

  • Fouled Hand: Fouled hand is like a penalty in Chinese poker. If any poker player arranges the cards in a wrong way or against the rules, then that player has to pay the penalty. The penalty is equal to the amount like if they have lost all three hands to other players in the match. Also, the opponent player wins all other hands or scoops when there is a fouled hand. Players even decide whether the fouled hand player will still play their hands as usual and score them or if their hand will be abandoned and the penalty will be enough for the fouled hand player.

Now that you know the Chinese poker rules, are you wondering what Chinese poker royalties are? Do not worry if you don't know. Let's read about them so that you can learn how to win Chinese poker.

Common Chinese Poker royalties

No People: A player who holds 13 cards without a single face card gains a royalty of no people, and this is also a thirteen hand card.

13-Card Hand: Poker player receiving a 13-card hand with a straight from 2 to Ace wins the scoop automatically.

Three of the Same: A 13-card hand with three sets of flushes or straights are said to be three of the same royalty.

Strong Hands: Chinese Poker player having quads or better than it in the bottom, a full house or better than the entire house in the midst, and a triple in the top has the strongest hands.

Now we know all about the Chinese poker rules, we are all set to read about the Chinese poker scoring. Chinese poker scoring helps in making the best strategy, so without wasting any time, let's start.

Scoring in Chinese Poker

Scoring in Chinese poker is very simple, and it doesn't involve chips. Yes! You read it right. Do you know how poker players in Chinese poker do scoring?

In Chinese poker, players use units. In simple words, it is a predetermined amount of money that players will be using in the game.

Also, in the Chinese poker, each player gets 13 cards. That's why it is ruled to arrange these cards in three combinations. These three combinations consist of two five-card varieties and one three-card combination.

Three Card Hand

It should be the worst hand which means it can only be a high card, a pair or triple. Moreover, in the three-card hand, there can't be straight or flushes.

Five Card Hand

It is similar to poker hand card rankings in Texas Holdem poker and Omaha hi-lo poker. In five-card hands straight and flushes are allowed. 

After arranging the cards, players have to show them in face-up. It is done to compare to which player has the best hand. The player having the best hands in all the rounds gets the three points as a bonus.

Let's now understand Chinese poker scoring through an example. This example will give you clarity in the concept of Chinese poker scoring. Let us assume a case where 

Top Three-Card Hand:

Player 1: Pair (Ace)

Player 2: Pair (Jacks)

Middle Five-Card Hand:

Player 1: Two Pair

Player 2: Straight

Bottom Five-Card Hand:

Player 1: Full House

Player 2: Flush

As you can notice in this particular example, Player 1 wins the top, so he receives one point, Player 2 has the better middle hand, so he also receives one point, and then Player 1 wins the bottom, so he gets the one point too. As a result in total Player 1 has two points and Player 2 has only one point. Player 1 wins by one point.

That's how scoring works in Chinese poker. Each player has to keep track of his/ her scores to decide who is the winner in the end. Most players make a table to record their score as it is the best and easiest way.

Last but not least the player who scores a scoop gets three points altogether as a bonus reward. 


Playing Chinese poker is easy and exciting. If you are looking for a guide for how to win the Chinese poker, then this blog is right here to help you. Make sure you read it before you start playing Chinese poker online.


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