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How To Play Texas Holdem Poker Online

If you are getting tired of searching how to play Texas Holdem poker rules, then you can stop searching now. When we decide to play Poker, there can't be any better option other than Texas Holdem Poker as it is most easy to play and learn. Moreover, you can win a huge amount of money if you learn the skills required. But many people don't know about the basic rules and How to play this variant of the game. In this blog, you'll learn the rules and tips to play Texas Holdem poker

Before we get into the descriptive side of rules, it is important to know Texas Holdem Poker's aim. Knowing the Objective or aim will help us to understand the rules faster. Without further ado, let's start.


In Texas Holdem Poker or even in other Poker variations such as Omaha, Sevencard stud, etc., Poker Players compete for money or chips. Every player contributes the amount of money and chips, and it's called the pot. Players get random cards, so they try to control the pot's amount by making predictions. These predictions are usually dependent on what cards the player himself is holding. Also, it is important to make predictions based on cards opponents are handling.

Poker players play the game into a series of hands (deals). That means the pot is usually awarded to one player at the end of each hand. However, there can be an exception too. In exceptional cases, The pot gets divided between two or more players.

In the showdown round, the remaining players match their hands, and the highest hand wins a pot. Only one player generally holds the highest hand, but more than one player can win in a tie. The other option for the end of a hand exists, where all but one player has folded. And thereby withdrawn any claim to the pot. In this case, the player who has not folded wins the pot.

It concludes that the main goal of players is not to win individual hands. Rather it's best to make mathematical and psychological decisions. These decisions should be about when and how much to bet, raise, call, or fold. And the skills to make perfect decisions come with proper practice. That's why you should play Texas Holdem Poker at 9Stacks. There's no other better option than playing Poker Online at India's Best Poker Website. You can even download 9 Stacks app for your Android and IOS devices. Let us now read about rules in detail.

The Rules of Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker is an interesting game. Two to ten players can easily play it; that's why playing online is an even better experience. Rules in simple steps are as follows.

  • One player serves as a dealer. It acts as the button, and with each hand, it rotates clockwise.
  • Two Players on the left of the dealer play as the small and big blind.
  • At these two positions, it is mandatory to bet as per the predetermined amount. It makes these two players the only players in the entire match to offer the pot's money before cards are dealt with.
  • Afterward, players receive two cards in a face down. These cards act as "hole" cards.
  • When all hole cards complete dealing, the rst betting round begins. This round starts with the player sitting immediately to the left of the big blind. This player has three options, i.e., fold, call (match the amount of the big blind), or raise.
  • Betting then proceeds clockwise. Each player has the right to fold, call, bet, or increase the highest bet before them.
  • Three community cards should be in the face-up on the table when the first betting round finishes. It's then considered a pot.
  • Again the betting resumes in a clockwise direction. With each player having the right to check, call, or fold.
  • When the second betting round finishes, a fourth community card known as turn is dealt.
  • The third betting round continues with the resulting first player sitting to the left of the button.
  • When the third betting round gets over, a fifth community card, river, is dealt.
  • The fourth betting round comes to an end, with the remaining player sitting to the button's left. The betting then proceeds on rotating clockwise.

That's all. It is as simple as ABC. If you practice playing Texas Holdem Online after understanding these rules, you can surely win a huge amount of money while sitting at home. Now we are ready to learn in detail about these rules. After these details, you won't need to waste your time searching for how to play a Texas poker game. Rather you can use that time to learn to play poker Texas Holdem on 9 Stacks.

Betting Structure

Hold 'em is usually played with small and big blinds-two players forced bets. Besides blinds, antes, i.e., forced contributions by all players is usable too. It is used in the nal stages of matches. A dealer "button" is used to state the player in the dealer's position. With each hand, the dealer button rotates in a clockwise direction. Then it shifts the dealer's exact position and blinds. The small blind is placed by the player to the dealer's left. It is generally equivalent to half the big blind. The big blind, which the player places to the small blind's left, is the same as the minimum bet. The blind/ante system in tournament poker regularly evolves as the game progresses. After one betting round is over, the next betting round starts. The next betting round starts in the small blind by another player.

Unique 'head-to-head' or 'heads-up' rules are applied as only two teams remain, and afterward, the blinds are posted accordingly. In this case, the person with the dealer button places the small blind, while his / her rival puts the big blind. Before the op, the dealer moves rst. The dealer performs immediately after the op, then proceeds to do so for the rest of the hand. Most casinos that offer hold 'em often require the player to post an extra live straddle. This straddle to the left of the big blind, normally doubling the big blind. It allows the player to behave like the big blind, and when it comes to their turn, the player has a choice to lift again. (Some variants cause the button to straddle).

Most casinos that offer hold 'em often require the player to post an extra live straddle. This straddle to the left of the big blind, normally doubling the big blind. It allows players to behave like the big blind, and when it comes to their turn, the player has a choice to lift again. (Some variants cause the button to straddle).

Play of the Hand

Again after shuffling the cards, play starts. With each player being dealt two face-down cards. The small blind player gets the first card, and the player there in the seat button gets the last

dealt card. (Generally in Texas Holdem Poker, the deck is a regular 52-card deck with no jokers.) These cards are the hole or pocket cards for the players. These are the only cards each player gets separately. And possibly they will only be shown at the showdown. It makes Texas hold 'em a closed poker game.

The poker hand starts with a betting round "pre- op." Starting with the player to the left of the big blind (or the player to the left of the dealer, if no blinds are used) and moving in the clockwise direction. A betting round lasts until each player has folded. That means a player has put in all their chips or equal the amount the other participating players put in. It is important to note that the blinds are called "live in the pre- op betting round." That means they are counted against the total that the blind player is about to pay.

If all players in the major blind position call around, they will either check or raise. The dealer deals a card after the pre- flop betting round. The dealer assumes that there are at least two players taking part in the hand. That means there might be three face-up community cards. After the flop, a second betting round follows. After that, the next betting rounds start from the player to the dealer's left and proceed clockwise.

After the opening betting round finishes, a single community card (called the turn or fourth street) is then dealt with. It proceeds by a third betting round. A last single community card (called the river or fifth street) is then played. That follows a similar fourth betting round and the showdown if it's required. In betting rounds 3rd and 4th, stakes get doubled. The dealer must burn a card in every casino before the op, turn, and river. Because of this burning, players betting can't see the back of their next game card coming in. It is done for practical purposes. It prevents the chance of a player recognizing the next card to be played in advance regardless of its classification. In online Texas Holdem Poker, you don't have to do this as computer algorithms work to ensure fair play.

The Showdown

If the player bets and the other players fold, the pot is awarded to the remaining player. Also, his hole cards need not be revealed. If two or more players remain after the nal betting round, there will be another round, i.e., showdown. Showdown is the best round as all players play their best Poker. And in the showdown, players can make a combination of the Seven cards. 

These seven cards have initial two-hole cards and the five community cards. A player can use his own two hole cards to shape his final five-card deck. If the five community cards from the player's best hand, that player is considered playing the board. And then one can only expect to break the pot as any other player will still use the same ve cards to create the same hand.

If more than one player holds the better card, then the pot is divided evenly between them, with the excess chips going in clockwise order to the players after the button. It is common for players to have hands that are rated closely but not in the same category. Because the suit values are irrelevant, the numerical rank of the card is important in hold'em.


If the first or second dealt card gets revealed, then it becomes a misdeal. The dealer then takes up the card, reshuffles the deck and cuts the cards once again. However, if a dealer mistakenly reveals the other hole card, then the deal proceeds as normal. The dealer substitutes the exposed card with the top card on the deck after completing the deal. And then, the exposed card will act as the burn card. If more than one hole card gets revealed, the dealer announces a misdeal. And then the hand gets dealing again from the start. A misdeal is also declared if a player accidentally gets more than two hole cards (e.g., two cards stuck together).


With this blog, you have now learned all the rules of Texas Holdem Poker. To win the Jackpots and become a Pro Player in Poker, you need to practice consistently as Texas Holdem Poker is a skill. And to be good with the skills you need to learn continuously. That's why you should play online Texas Holdem Poker at 9 Stacks.


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