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India's real-money gaming market to get better clarity in terms of legality in the upcoming quarters

The real money gaming industry in India has been plagued by sudden changes in legalities every year with one state of the other in the country suspending and banning real money games including skills games like poker, rummy and fantasy games in the state. 

Over the past 1 year, many Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and now Karnataka, have banners for real money games in the state. 

This has led to real money gaming companies restricting their platform usage to players in these states with immediate effect. 

9stacks and Ungligames also complied with the rules and informed our users in Karnataka immediately that their access to the platform has been stopped because of the rules laid out by the Karnataka State Government with due information about withdrawing their winnings front he platform. 

However, leading experts in the industry are expecting reversals and better clarity to be meted out soon by the Supreme Court of India for the booming real money gaming market in India. 

"The industry will challenge this in court and seek legal recourse. We must remember that the Madras HC had recently struck down a similar act that tried to stop online skill gaming in the state" said Roland Landers, CEO of All India Gaming Federation, an industry body for online skill gaming in India.

According to the conversations happening in the real money gaming industry in India, the buzz is that in the past two months there have been more positives than negatives (in the sector). I'm seeing that state governments are losing battles in their respective high courts and judgements are becoming sharper and clearer where there are black and white rather than grey. Given that the space is so large and new, there will be constant challenges but the view is that over the next four to eight quarters, things will start becoming more clear and firm

South Indian states have been important markets for games like Rummy which has a good concentration in these states, although real-money games like poker and fantasy games see equal distribution across the country.

The overall real money gaming market is very large - around Rs 11,000-13,00 crore, and the business has very strong network effects of trusted brands, concurrent users, and liquidity pool on the platform.



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.