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REGISTER takes outdoor marketing to a new level with Augmented Reality billboards!

Jodhpur: In this era of marketing where brands need to cut through the clutter, online poker startup has come up with a whole new take on outdoor marketing.

9stacks, which is India’s fastest growing online poker website, has made innovative use of artificial reality (AR) techniques to deploy fully interactive billboards in Jodhpur.

The billboard hoarding is innovative in its own, it has a poker board, with 5 cards open on the table and 2 closed cards (which are individual cards of a player). When any passerby scans the QR code to open the Jodhpur landing page on their phone, the closed cards are opened to reveal his/her full hand and claim prizes. And that’s not all- These 2 closed cards are different for each person, which is making these billboards go viral across the city. Groups of friends have been seen in front of the billboards, trying to see who has the best hand. 

In addition to hoardings all across the city, 9stacks is going in for a 360-degree marketing push via radio ads, posters, collaborating with influencers, and so on. is planning to bring this concept to other cities as well. Let’s wait and see what they do next!

“This was one of the most fun promotions we’ve worked on. We very clear we didn’t want a boring old hoarding - using tech innovatively is what makes us tick, and I’m glad we could conceptualize and execute this campaign in-house. Kudos to our team for this!” - Rishab Mathur, CTO and co-founder



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