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9stacks Value Series

We launched our first Value series in January with 25 Lakhs+ guaranteed in prizes in which over 1500 players participated. As a “value series”, the tournaments had an average entry price of around 500 rupees, and ranging from free entry to a 2000 rupee high roller.

The series started with a 25,000 Freeroll and was followed by 24 other tournaments, most of which got crushed! We had a fun mix of tournaments, ranging from Freezeouts; normal Texas tournaments; fast-paced hyper-turbo tournaments; our unique “Timed tournaments”; progressive knockouts where you could earn bounties for knocking out others; and many other types.

For the first time, we had a Multi Flight tournament for the Main Event. In this, players could play “Day 1” on any of Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday; and 43 survivors across those days moved to the final “Day 2” on Sunday evening. Vaibhav Lohia aced the Main Event finals and took home a cool 1.3 Lakhs in all.

We also had a unique leaderboard, with two kinds of prizes. One, the overall leaderboard topper Bulletsonfire (Prabhat) got 50,000 in prize money. Two, all the people with 30 or more points got to play a 1 Lakh tournament where their starting stack depended on how many points they had (so the higher you ranked on the leaderboard, the better your chances of winning prized!). Villian888 shipped the 9VS Leaderboard tournament.

Since this was the first time we had a tournament series, we were especially happy to receive a lot of positive feedback from our players (we love you all!) and also some very useful advice on how to make the next series even better. Using all those, we are now bringing out our next Series in the month of February: the 9stacks Super Series, with a total guarantee of 45 Lakhs, tournaments with entries averaging around Rs 1000, and a very exciting leaderboard of almost Rs 4 Lakhs! Check the details here



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