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Heads-Up Hustle

The battlefield was set on the 24th of August with the beginning of India’s first Heads-Up HUSTLE between Bhavye Mittal & Rajat Kumar! The two have been vigorously locking horns every night from 11pm-3am on

5 reasons why you should watch the battle: 

1) Battle

9stacks gives you the ultimate feel of witnessing a one of its kind battle, where you get to see the two players go head to head every night from 11pm-3am. It sure is as exciting as it sounds, check out the link to watch what you have missed:

2) India's first callout 

A callout! Sounds interesting right? It is! A callout is when a player challenges another to come and play against him. This is exactly what you will see at the Heads-Up Hustle Battle!  

3) LIVE action 

Rajat & Bhavye have been playing on tables which are LIVE for everyone to join in and watch the exciting game! You get to witness the duo competing LIVE for some crazy sized cash pots.

4) Poker is always fun

Isn’t poker always fun when you’re on the audience side? More fun when you watch the rigorous heat that builds up between two such competitors which are always said to have been tough nuts to crack.Cash 

5) Get exposed to new ways of tackling HeadsUp Opponents

How many times have you searched on google for headsup poker tricks? And how many times have you got annoyed on not finding any relevant answer? Don’t worry. We have a live battle that’s going to get you exposed to a lot of important tricks and tips which you probably will never find online. 

Weekly Update

As on September 3rd September:

Total Hands played till now: 2634

Total Duration: 15K Hands

Status: Rajat is up 68867

To celebrate this interesting battle, we launch a new video of HUSTLE HAI 👇



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