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India's First Headsup Poker Championship!

India's First-Ever HeadsUp Poker Championship


Poker is one of the most famous card games and there is no doubt about it. Right from house parties, dedicated poker rooms in casinos to various virtual spaces, you can play this interesting game in many ways. And as far as the most strategic, thrilling, and tricky gameplay of poker is concerned, HeadsUp rules the roost. The reason - HeadsUp play is way beyond just cards. It is a skill of playing with the player's mind.


Nothing can be as racy as the game of poker!


As you are posting blinds for every single hand, it's the aggression that gets you going. No wonder, Heads-Up, where your mind is continuously working on the winning tactics, is one of the mind-bending forms of poker. So, do you want to try your hands at Heads-Up Poker? 9stacks, India's leading online poker destination, brings to you India's First HeadsUp Poker Championship. With 6-rounds and 63-matches, the heat is set to soar on 24th November 2020.


Bag the trophy!


After the super-exciting two weeks of 6-Heads-Up matches, the winner will be rewarded with the prestigious trophy of the first-ever champion of Heads-Up poker in India and win a handsome prize money of 200K. With a buy-in of Rs. 5500, you could be India's First-Ever Headsup Poker Champion!



Let's check out the format!


The 9stacks Heads-Up Poker tournament will be played in the knockout format.


● The first round of the tournament starts with 64 players. You knock your opponents out and go to the next round.

● The number of participants will get halved with each round. So, round 2 will be between 32 players, round 3 between 16 players, and so on.

● There will be 4 winners of the quarter-finals who will compete in the semi-final round, and finally, the lucky two will lock horns for the Grand Finale.

● To be the winner, you need to win 6 Heads-Up matches in succession.


Limited slots are available! Hurry!


Rules and regulations


● If you are not connected or absent, you will be considered as sitting out. In such scenarios, the match will continue to be on and you will be blinded out.

● During the semi-final and final rounds, if one of the players is not connected at the start of the match, the tournament will be paused for 15 minutes to contact the sitting out player. If 9stacks is unable to communicate with the player for any reason, whatsoever, the tournament will start again and continue until the disconnected player reconnects or is blinded out completely.

● The rounds begin exactly with 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 players. However, if all 64 players are not available in the First Round, some of the participants may get byes. The process of selection of opponents will be completely random, and so will be the process of determining as to which players are getting a bye.

● There will be a break of 5 minutes after every 25th minute of an hour.

● Once you are knocked out, you are out of the game and cannot re-enter.

● All the tournaments of the HUC will start according to the schedule with no room for modifications in the slot.

● You have to register with your real name.


The Tournament: Structure and Schedule


The tournament follows the NLH Format. It will have 200 BB Starting Stack with 10 minutes of blind levels. The schedule for the HUC has been designed by taking the conveniences of the players into account. There are no matches except Quarter Finals that take place on a Saturday.


So, are you ready? The first round has 32 matches and 64 players. And, the finale is going to take place on 10th December 2020 at 7: 30 PM.


What are you waiting for? Register with 9stacks, and become a part of India's First Headsup Poker Championship, right away!


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