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Following the legacy of #LFGVegas and #LFGVegas2.00, #LFGVegas III has been bigger and crazier than ever! It has been the biggest cash grind ever for 25/50 and above stakes.

Over 1000 poker players participated in the promotions and 51 players qualified for the Vegas package. Since the coronavirus has spoiled all travel plans, the players redeemed their prizes in their poker balance as fully withdrawable bonuses.

Two players managed to make it to the Diamond package, worth 12 Lakhs each! 

The other Vegas packages won were:

  1. Platinum - 9 worth 4.5 Lakhs each
  2. Gold - 13 worth 2 Lakhs each
  3. Silver - 27 worth 1 Lakh each

Besides the Vegas packages, the players won many intermediate bonuses, milestone bonuses, and Bankroll Builder Bonuses, ensuring they were laughing all the way to the bank.

That’s how the biggest poker promotion of 2020 culminated successfully.

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Shekhar Singh

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