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Sprint Leaderboard, Play Quick Online Poker with Friends!

For those of you who love some fast-paced action, 9stacks has introduced a DAILY tournament Leaderboard that will sweep you off your feet! We understand that a lot of you who are recreational players, find it difficult to grind non-stop for 5-6 hours to play a single tournament.

We have devised a leaderboard that caters only for people like you. The leaderboard aptly titled SPRINT, comprises of three tournaments with buyins between Rs 100 to Rs 200. Each of these tournaments take approximately one and a half hours to finish.

Making it super easy to balance your family & Poker time. At 9stacks we make sure there’s something for everyone!

What makes it interesting is that all players start with only 10 Big Blinds and the structure allows you to buy back in with the same number of blinds till the late registration period of 30 minutes is over. The short stack structure makes it a very strategic game as you have to learn to make the most of the 10BB that you have and its almost impossible to bluff someone out of a pot, so play wisely and trust the process!

The Sprint Leaderboard has already started from this Sunday 16th May 2021, and there are leaderboard bonuses worth Rs.1,000 up for grabs daily! Hurry up, go and check out what you are missing out on! 


Lisa Mohapatra

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