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Tip and Run

Well, we at 9stacks are ready for action. With our latest innovation, Tip and Run, you can now Tip the dealer to Run the remaining community cards to see whether you calculated properly before you made the last move.

Now, whenever you feel you are making a particular hand, and you bet/raise, but the rest of the players fold; or when you fold when another player raises/bets, see the rest of the cards (even though you are out of the hand) on the board, and improve your poker mathematics and calculations.

Note that this does not affect the outcome of the hand in any way, and Tip and Run only operates after the hand is over. 

Tip and Run lets you see the remaining cards on the board upon tipping the dealer:

  • On 25/50 and higher stake tables 50
  • On tables with stakes lower than 25/50 1x big blind 

With this innovation, we at 9stacks hope to add an extra layer of fun to all those exciting folds and shoves where you were left wondering “what could have happened” and in the long run we hope this helps you improve your poker calculations and win more pots.



Ankit Malhotra

Ankit Malhotra is an erstwhile practising advocate and an active poker enthusiast. He is professionally a content consultant, who happens to be a published poet as well.