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World Series of Poker: Dirtiest Hands

The World Series of Poker 2019 was a series of eventful hands as the best of the best in poker battled against each other to see who the best in the sport is. Let’s get you reading about the best hands of WSOP 2019, without taking a lot of time.

5. Greenwood’s Aces fail to ace the hand.

Sam Greenwood got  Pocket Aces as he sat in the Main Event with upwards of fifteen million in chips. The only one playing against him was Timothy Su who had 9-10 suited: clubs. However, that did not make much of a difference as the flop opened with a J-Q diamond and 4 of clubs. Greenwood bet 1.8M which Su called. The turn opened another Jack. Timothy then went all-in with 3.5M that increased the pot to ~12.5M.. Sam Greenwood called. The river opened to a King of clubs, giving him a straight against Sam Greenwood’s two-pair. It was a bad beat for Greenwood, as he exited the Main Event! 

4. 10 of hearts to break a heart!

Kazuki Ikeuchi matched up with an unsuited K-10 against Cory Albertson’s suited A-K (clubs) in the $1500 Millionaire Maker. Cory raised to 3.3M, leaving Kazuki to call 1.7M. Kazuki 3-bet to 11.1M, which Cory comfortably calls. The flop is a 9-7-J (7 and J of clubs), giving Cory a flush draw. Cory bet 7.7M, and as if Kazuki was waiting for that bet, the latter goes all in. Cory Albertson takes his sweet time, getting up in between, before he calls. The flop was a 5 of diamonds, giving some hope to Cory. But the river card busted Cory out of the game as a 10 of hearts opened, breaking Cory’s heart!

3. Full-house on the flop

On day 7 of the WSOP Main Event, Hossein Ensan raised 1.6M sitting with a pair of 10s as his hole card, while Timothy Su had a neat unsuited A-Q. Su further 3-bet with 6.8M. The flop opened with a 10-Q-7, giving both the players something to look forward to, and raising the heat in the moment. Timothy Su bet 6M and Ensan called. Ensan almost had the hand nutted in his favor, unless Su got lucky with A-A on the turn and river. The turn, a 7 gave Ensan a full-house. Both players checked and the river opened with a 6, giving Ensan the much awaited nuts! Timothy Su bet 16M and Ensan raised to 45M. Su waited a whole four and a half minutes before calling his ruins.

2. Bluff caught on the final table.

Only three players remained ot the final table. Hossein Ensan, Dario Sammartino and Alex Livingston. Livingston got  Pocket 6s, against Ensan’s 9-4. Dario held 9-3. The flop opened with a 6-K-9, giving Ensan a pair against a set for Livingston. Ensan bet 2M, to which Livinston raised to 7.5M, which Ensan called. The turn card Q gave Ensan some hope, which Livingston tried to supress with a 13.5M bet. Ensan raised a 100M, taking the pot to ~135M. Livingston went all-in, giving him the nuts as he called Ensan’s bluff. 

1. Ensan’s Kings are good.

Hossein Ensan faced Dario Sammartino in a head’s up match on the Final Table of the World Series of Poker, sitting with Pocket Kings against Dario’s 8-4 suited: spades. On 2M-4M blinds, Ensan raised 7M, leaving Dario to call 11M. The flop opened with a 10 (spades)- 2(diamonds)- 6(spades) giving Dario a flush draw. Ensan bet another 15M and Dario called. The pot went up to 41M, as the turn card turned out to be 9 (clubs). Ensan called another 33M, which got Dario thinking. Dario went all-in with just a draw. The Q(clubs) ruined Dario’s chances of winning the 2019 WSOP Main Event, as he lost to Ensan with nothing.



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.