Pokerface with Gopal datt


Poker experience of Gopal Datt

Hi, I am Gopal Datt aur yeh hai meri poker ki kahani. Recently, I did a chat show with 9stacks where I got to meet and interview a lot of poker players and digital celebrities. After meeting them, I felt life ho to aisi. And I love playing poker even though I lose a lot but Haarke jeetne wale ko hi to baazigar kehte hain. So I started playing online poker on 9stacks and enjoy the game to the fullest. I have been playing on 9stacks and while the cash games can be a lot of fun, Mereko tournament khelne mei zyada mazza aata hai! I can choose my own buy-in range and play accordingly. Prize pool aur rewards to amazing hote hi hain.  

I’m no expert of course. Thode tournament jeeta hu, lekin bahut saare haara bhi hu. But what can I say, itne saare skilled players ke saath khelta hu. It is a learning experience for me and at this point, meri toh training chal rahi hai. The only drawback of such a phase is that I am perceived and treated like a machhi (fish) whenever I play. But this platform is such a fun place to not only play but also learn the technicalities of the game. Players ko dekhke hi kitna seekhne ko milta hai. If I can’t swim with the sharks, I watch them swim. The more I observe, the more I learn. In the past month, I think I have upped my game. Gradually, my shark teeth are also growing. 

Maine jo Pokerface with Gopal Datt kiya tha, it feels so good that so many people have liked and enjoyed the show. Whenever I play, I always get comments like, are you the same Gopal Datt (only coz maine apna username bhi apna naam hi rakh liya! How lame?) But it feels good to be appreciated by the people for whom the show is made. I had never done a talk show before Pokerface, poker pe talk show toh chod hi do. I never expected the show to have such a positive reception. Community jaisa mehsoos hota hai, voh bhi samajhdar logon ka.  

Last month I also went to Vegas as part of #9stacksTeamIndia. Itna accha lagta hai khud ko team India ka part bolte hue… poker ki hi sahi! It was the first time that I had gone to a casino and Bhai, casino ki feel hi alag hai. I played cash game also in the casino and although I lost, it was a great learning experience. I also experienced the 4th July Independence Day fireworks. Poore shahar lights se bhar jaata hai, jagah jagah parade and barbeque hota hai… All of it feels mesmerizing. 

I am delighted to have been playing on 9stacks. It is such a closed community where people appreciate each other’s games and also point out the mistakes. Overall, 9stacks pe khelke bahut mazaa aa raha and now I am waiting to ship a tournament! 



Shikha Tripathi

A social media strategist and an avid poker enthusiast, she loves taking risks and so is naturally aggressive on the poker table.