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All In With Harsh114

Winner of two massive Prime Time Tournaments (Wanderers and Eden HR), Harsh114 is all smiles as we catch up with him after the tournament for a short chat. Harsh raked in a hefty sum of 4.3 lakhs from the two tournaments last week.

Team 9stacks : Congratulations on the big win! This makes you the winner of two Megas Prime Time tournaments in a week! How was the experience playing the Tournament this time?

Harsh114: The experience has always been good with 9stacks but yes shipping a tournament definitely makes the experience surreal.

Team 9stacks : Did you have a moment of doubt during the bubble period?

Harsh114: Not so much during the bubble time as I had a healthy stack through that but on the final table with so many regs I never imagined shipping it.

Team 9stacks : Was there a player that you watched out for during the game?

Harsh114: Ya plenty.. Jonsnow, effuno, chocha being a few running hot.

Team 9stacks: How do you deal with the on table aggression applied by many players during the game?

Harsh114: Don't take it seriously. It's all in the game.

Team 9stacks : How is the experience when you're playing with friends on the Final Table. A lot of our readers don't know how to handle their friendships on the poker table. Give us a few tips?

Harsh114: Keep your personal and poker life separate. Money changes people.

Team 9stacks : Let's go back a bit. Tell us a little about how you started playing poker.

Harsh114: Being from Kanpur, Sharad Rao was a role model. He was the one who introduced me to the game and helped a lot throughout.

Team 9stacks: At what moment did you finally say, Yes, I’m going to get really serious about the game? What made you say yes?

Harsh114: Seeing people leaving their jobs and fulfilling their dreams through it. Being independent and free is the best feeling one can have in life.

Team 9stacks : Tell us a little about your first big win as a serious poker player. How did you spend the winnings.

Harsh114: I guess this was it and I am yet to spend the winnings ;)

Team 9stacks : Which countries do you like playing poker in?

Harsh114: Haven't travelled much for poker. Singapore was a good experience.

Team 9stacks : India's beginning to really warm up to poker. Where do you see professional poker in India going in the next 5 years?

Harsh114: According to me in the next 5 years India will be the biggest market for Poker. With the entry of Pokerstars in india it is only going to go uphill I believe.

Team 9stacks : How did the HeadsUp go?

Harsh114: Heads up was gruelling. Too much pressure to not blow the stack up. But inside I had this belief that I can do it.And I did. :)

Team 9stacks: How did you find the tournament. The playability, structure of the tournament etc.

Harsh114: I don't think there is much needed to be done. How can I complain after winning the tourney?

Team 9stacks : Thank you so much for speaking with us. We wish you all the best for the upcoming games and hope you keep winning more on 9stacks .

Harsh114: Thank you for the opportunity and for being the medium to my first big win. Let's hope we both keep growing and getting better.



Prashaste Sinha

Prashaste lives to eat and write. She's our very own homegrown poker sceptic who's gone on to enjoy her stint with poker and loves writing and interviewing people who are passionate about poker and life.