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Freeroller of The Month : Ashish pokermafia Nehra

Poker has been slowly, but steadily capturing the imagination of an entire generation in India and it’s not just the tier 1 , cosmopolitan cities that are raving about it. The mind sport has a large number of fans growing every day in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns in the country.

Take for example the Freeroller of the month, Ashish ‘pokermafia’ Nehra.

A young, 20 something businessman Ashish got introduced to poker on the most important day of his life- his wedding, 3 months ago. He was introduced to it by a former college mate who is also a regular player on 9stacks. Ashish began his love affair with poker that day and says that he’s lucky to have a life partner who shares his passion for the game.

Let’s  take a look at his story

Team 9stacks : Hi Ashish! Congratulations on shipping so many StackUp tournaments and the Eden HR tournament a few weeks back! How are you feeling?

Pokermafia: Thankyou! It feels amazing to have won such a big tournament. Eden HR  is a big one. StackUp toh I’ve loved playing everyday. I am glad i am able to reach the final table now.

Team 9stacks : Yes! And its  a long way since you began right?

Pokermafia : Yeah, when i joined 3 months ago, I was just learning the game. I still am. There is so much to study, to grasp, it confuses me. I began playing freerolls on 9stacks after I read the rules on your site. Didn’t want to put in money as yet. Freerolls khela woh signup bonus  ke sath. Lost. Then put in some money, played more, lost more in the beginning. Phir thoda aur basics clear kiye. Thoda time laga, but ab toh I have begun winning.

Team9stacks : Exactly!  Now you play the big leagues! Congratulations! It is quite heartening to hear this story. Are you mainly a Texas Holdem player?

Pokermafia : Yeah but I have also begun to enjoy playing PLO

Team 9stacks : And you are mostly loyal to the MTT Format?

Poker mafia : Yes. I like playing tournaments. There is only a fixed amount to be used as buy-in, for which I am prepared for, financially and mentally, as a new poker player. Maybe later, when I am more confident, ill try playign cash games more regularly.

Team 9stacks : Is there any player you like playing against?

Pokermafia : Oh yes. Jon $now and noobpro. Inke sath khelne mein bada maza aata hai. Excitement badh jaata hai. Ye dono khelte hain toh main toh jaane bhi wala hota hun toh thodi der ruk jaata hun table pe  aur thoda aur khelta hun. I didnt think i’d be able to beat them as well, in StackUp and Eden HR.

Team 9stacks : Have you tried playing the 10BB games?

Yes I did. A little. They are like tournaments in some ways. I’ve enjoyed playing against noobpro  in these games.

Team 9stacks : You have played on other websites as well. How does your experience playing on 9stacks differ from them?

I love the 9stacks platform. I play on my android app and on the desktop apps. My wife  enjoys playing on the phone. We both find the interface really easy to navigate through and very smooth.

Team 9stacks: One last question, how is your family reacting to you playing poker and how do you put your winnings to use generally?

Pokermafia : Like I said, my wife shares my passion for poker  and is pretty supportive. My family also knows I play, but they don’t know I am quite serious  about playing the sport. I usually reinvest my winnings back in the game. I want to learn on my own and be the best player in poker some day

Team 9stacks : Thank you so much Ashish for speaking to us, It’s been a pleasure speaking with you and we wish you all the best for the upcoming Eden HR  tournament amongst the others you so enjoy playing.



Prashaste Sinha

Prashaste lives to eat and write. She's our very own homegrown poker sceptic who's gone on to enjoy her stint with poker and loves writing and interviewing people who are passionate about poker and life.