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All In With KingFish

Hey Guys,

On Wednesday, 9stacks hosted the 6 Lakhs GTD Wanderers Tournament at 8 PM.

We saw three very popular players ship the tournament and establish their reign over the other participants, this week.

We are in conversation with the mighty KingFish, who fought against all odds to grab the 3rd spot last night, winning Rs 66,600 in the tournament.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview :

Team 9stacks: Congratulations on the big win, KingFish! How was the experience playing the Wanderers Tournament this time?

KingFish: Thankyou! It was a fun experience. Glad to finish 3rd in a major MTT!

Team 9stacks : Did you have a moment of doubt during bubble time?

KingFish: Actually I was among the middle stacks during the bubble so did not have much pressure. Also having effuno to my right most of the time helped :P !

Team 9stacks: Was there a player that you watched out for during the game?

KingFish: Yeah, effuno was sitting with the CL at my table so had to adjust against him.

Team 9stacks : How do you deal with the on table aggression applied by many players during the game?

KingFish: If someone is getting out of line, I just get back at them rather than tightening up. It’s better to be the aggressor than the caller in my opinion.

Team 9stacks : A lot of our readers wrote to us asking a very specific question. How is the experience when you're playing with friends on the Final Table. We sometimes don't know how to handle their friendships especially during a cut-throat poker tournament. Give us a few tips?

KingFish:  I always like playing with friends on final tables! Since we all know how each other play, it can be quite fun. Besides it’s always nice to have a friend ship the tournament if we bust 🙂

Team 9stacks : Awesome! Thank you. We’re sure we have a lot to take back from this. Let's go back a bit. Tell us a little about how you started playing poker.

KingFish: I started playing with my school friends just for fun. We didnt play for money then, ofcourse. That was almost 10 years ago! College got me hooked to the game.

Team 9stacks : At what moment did you finally say, Yes, I’m going to get really serious about the game? What made you say yes?

KingFish: There was no single moment to be honest. It’s just the consistency of results over the long run which has motivated me. The strategy aspect of the game is interesting and deep, and I am still learning.

Team 9stacks : India's beginning to really warm up to poker. Where do you see professional poker in India going in the next 5 years?

KingFish: Yes especially MTT poker. The guarantees and field sizes are increasing and that’s always a plus. It’s a good time to be playing the game in India. Tax is still quite high , and something needs to be done about that though.

Team 9stacks : Lastly, are you chasing Vegas this year? How has your #LFGVegas journey been in the past few months?

KingFish: Yes, I am! I will be aiming for 50k points. I reached 25k in 2 weeks using 10bb tables. It’s a roller coaster format. Will be completing the remaining points more slowly now since I have 2 more months. The weekly promos that 9stacks keeps coming up with are insane value!

Team 9stacks : Thanks a tonne, KingFish! Good luck for the upcoming tournaments and we shall see you in Vegas very soon!

Every week, 9stacks goes all in for an interview with the best players on the platform. Is there a question you’d like us to ask the players - tips, hacks, etc? Write in to us and we’ll incorporate them in the next interview for you!


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