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All In with Sidharth ' Schemer77' Karia

Hey Guys,

On Wednesday, 9stacks hosted the 6 Lakhs GTD Wanderers Tournament at 8 PM.

We saw three very popular players ship the tournament and establish their reign over the other participants, this week.

We are in conversation with the very talented Sidharth Karia, who rules the world of MTTs as ‘Schemer77’. The 27 years old entrepreneur by day, Sidharth nabbed the 2nd spot last night, winning Rs 99,000, on 9stacks.

We caught up with him amidst his very busy schedule of pokering for a small chat about his experience on the tables.

Team 9stacks: Congratulations on the big win, Sidharth! How was the experience playing the Wanderers Tournament this time?

Schemer77: It was very good, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The structure was good as well.

Team 9stacks : Did you have a moment of doubt during bubble time?

Schemer77: I was pretty short during the bubble, so yeah it wasn't straightforward. However, I Tightened up a bit and things worked out.

Team 9stacks: Was there a player that you watched out for during the game?

Schemer77: Not really. During the early stages there were 2 good regs on my table, so when I busted I decided to Re-enter rather than Buying back on the same table. Got a much better table the 2nd time.

Team 9stacks : How do you deal with the on table aggression applied by many players during the game?

Schemer77: I try to adjust. Either by tightening my ranges a bit or by raising lighter myself.

Team 9stacks : How is the experience when you're playing with friends on the Final Table. A lot of our readers don't know how to handle their friendships on the poker table. Give us a few tips?

Schemer77: *laughs* Oh, I just say Hi ! Send a smiling Emoji and 3bet them the next hand,"

On a serious note, ofcourse we should keep the friendship far away from the poker table, on the table they are just our opponents.

Team 9stacks : Awesome! Thank you. We’re sure we have a lot to take back from this. Let's go back bit. Tell us a little about how you started playing poker.

Schemer77: My brother brought me to poker, he had stopped playing other card games with me because he thought all the other games weren't worth playing. That surely got me curious and I just had to learn how to play.

Team 9stacks : At what moment did you finally say, Yes, I’m going to get really serious about the game? What made you say yes?

Schemer77: The inaugural Poker Sports League. I played for Goan Nuts, and met and interacted with a lot of players, who were serious about the game. I got some success there and I think that was the turning point.

Team 9stacks : Tell us a little about your first big win as a serious poker player. How did you spend the winnings.

Schemer77: My first big score was in Macau, playing the Asia Championship of poker. Actually I was on a leisure trip, and my brother and I had decided to play this one tournament that was going on. Things worked out well and I finished 2nd in the tournament. I had made a deal with my brother so gave X% of the money to him and spent some more celebrating in Macau.

Team 9stacks : Which countries do you like playing poker in?

Schemer77: I haven't played poker in lot of countries. Have played in the US, Macau, Couple of European countries, and India ofcourse. Have enjoyed all the experiences.

Team 9stacks : India's beginning to really warm up to poker. Where do you see professional poker in India going in the next 5 years?

Schemer77: Very optimistic about professional Poker in India. I see lots of young players picking it up and Poker being socially accepted by the mass.

Team 9stacks : Lastly, are you chasing Vegas this year? How has your #LFGVegas journey been in the past few months?

Schemer77: I am going to WSOP this year, But on my own. Not chasing the LFGVegas journey mainly because I don't play lot of cash games. However Would like to congratulate 9stacks team on an excellent promotion. Looking forward to see a huge Indian contingent of poker players in Vegas this year #LFG!

Team 9stacks : Thanks a tonne, Sidharth! Good luck for the upcoming tournaments and we shall see you in Vegas very soon!

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