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All In With Nikhil Ramesh

Hey Guys,

On Wednesday, 9stacks hosted the 6 Lakhs GTD Wanderers Tournament at 8 PM.

We saw three very popular players ship the tournament and establish their reign over the other participants, this week.

We caught up with Nikhil Ramesh aka Rn275, who shipped the tournament to win a cool sum of Rs 1.5 Lakhs last night.

Nikhil is another young professional balancing his day job and poker with aplomb AND has been smashing major tournament in India in the past few years. Nikhil prefers playing tournaments on his game mix, he says, "It's not so one-dimensional like cash games and there are so many extra parameters to consider when playing,".

Here are a few exceprts from the interview:

Team 9stacks: Congratulations on the big win, Nikhil! How was the experience playing the Wanderers Tournament this time?

Rn275: Thankyou! It was fun. I ran really good

Team 9stacks : Did you have a moment of doubt during bubble time?

Rn275: I was a short stack during bubble. So yes there was uncertainty involved

Team 9stacks: Was there a player that you watched out for during the game?

Rn275: No, not really. No player as such.

Team 9stacks : How do you deal with the on table aggression applied by many players during the game?

Rn275: I was a short stack during bubble so there wasn’t much to do in terms of aggression. In the FT, I was the aggressor

Team 9stacks : Haha, Ohkay, then! Let's go back a bit. Tell us a little about how you started playing poker.


Got started playing live cash in college and now have transitioned to playing only online MTTs.

Team 9stacks : At what moment did you finally say, Yes, I’m going to get really serious about the game? What made you say yes?

Rn275: I have another job too and I spent most of my time trying to balance job and poker


Team 9stacks : India's beginning to really warm up to poker. Where do you see professional poker in India going in the next 5 years?

Rn275: I expect bigger GTDs in the future and I have a really positive outlook on the future of poker here

Team 9stacks : Thanks a tonne, Nikhil! Good luck for the upcoming tournaments. Keep kiling it on the tables!

Every week, 9stacks goes all in for an interview with the best players on the platform. Is there a question you’d like us to ask the players - tips, hacks, etc? Write in to us and we’ll incorporate them in the next interview for you!


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