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Avinit Bagri Crushes 50k Points And Wins A Trip To Las Vegas Via #LFG Vegas 2.00

29 years old Business Head, Avinit Bagri is the latest Vegas chaser to smash the first milestone in the #LFGVegas2.00 challenge and win the Vegas Grinder package worth 2 Lakhs.

Avinit aka Bubbles_14 has been playing poker since college 10 years ago and grinds regularly, maintaining a work like and poker balance! Mean feat , this.

He chased the Vegas Grinder package for only a month by playing mostly on PLO 100/200 stakes to earn 50,000 LFG points.

He is the 10th winner to do so since #LFGVegas 2.00 was launched by 9stacks on 11th January 2019.

#LFGVegas2.00 is a 4 months long challenge with a thrilling lineup of milestones and exciting cash rewards.

Avinit, along with all the other #LFG winners will get to experience the madness of the poker capital of the world, first hand, during the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) known as the World Cup of Poker.

The WSOP is a 2 months long poker tournament event that attracts some of the biggest, most high profile poker players in the world and has multiple tournaments with multi million dollar prize-pools divided between thousands of participants, year after year.

Everyday we have thousands of players joining the Vegas chase and inching one step closer to their dream of flying to Vegas a reality.

Poker in India is filled with immense possibilities. With #LFGVegas and with the ongoing #LFGVegas 2.00, we’re breaking the myth that the ultimate dream of playing poker in the city that gave birth to poker.

Participate in our challenges and be a part of the prestigious #9stacksTeamIndia that created history last year.

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